Richard Pusee is openly tried in obscenity, but several serious accusations have been thrown

The withdrawn accusation failed to provide assistance after two counts of accidents, evidence destruction, and attempts to upset the path of justice.

“We found that there was not enough evidence to support the conviction for each of these accusations,” Bacos said Wednesday morning. The hearing will continue.

The Eastern Freeway clash killed senior police officer Kevin King, police officer Josh Prestony, top senior police officer Lynette Taylor, and police officer Glenn Hanfris.

Pusey was pulled to the Eastern Freeway in Kew on April 22 for killing four Victorian police officers for speeding when the truck headed for the emergency lane.

Pusey was arrested the day after the crash and denied bail in May.

In the months following the crash, he was charged with a total of 16 crimes.

Pusey’s lawyer claimed that the mortgage broker was “overcharged” during the trial and that the prosecution’s case had a “fundamental flaw.”

Richard Pusee.


His legal team had previously shown that they and the prosecutor were discussing the possibility of a judicial transaction, but one of the accusations, a rare crime of public obscenity, became an early issue between the parties. ..

Pusey’s lawyer said public obscenity does not exist in Australia and is “incompatible and inappropriate.”


Rare crimes are related to Mr. Psy’s actions after the crash. He has been accused of using his phone for several minutes while commenting to film a scene containing the body of a police officer.

Investigators claimed that Mr. Psy used his phone to film one of the dying police officers, Chief Police Officer Lynette Taylor, saying, “Go there. All I had to do was go home and eat sushi. “

He is also said to have said, “Now you have f — ed my car.”

Leading senior police officer Taylor, senior police officer Kevin King, police officers Glenn Hanfris and Josh Prestony have died in a crash.

Truck driver Mohinder Singh, 47, was charged with four negligent driving charges in the days following the crash on April 22.

He was subsequently charged with 33 additional crimes in August. According to a court document released last week, Mr. Singh has been charged with a series of drug-related crimes, including allegedly supplying drugs to children.

Police allege that Shin was affected by illicit drugs and fatigue when he grabbed the steering wheel of the truck on April 22.

The shipping company’s manager, Simiona Tuteru, was also charged with manslaughter.

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Place of originRichard Pusee is openly tried in obscenity, but several serious accusations have been thrown

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