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Ricky Stewart has been accused of firing a spectacular tirade at the Penrith Panthers’ Five-Eight Geman Salmon after being reported for a kick aimed at Canberra Raiders hooker Tom Sterling.

On Saturday night, in the 60th minute of a game that the Panthers won 26-6, Salmon hit hard with his boot after being tackled by Sterling.

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“He’s got one in his lunchbox and one in his chin,” said Michael Ennis.

Raiders coach Stuart is mad at Salmon and made a very personal attack at the press conference.

“James Fisher-Harris and Joe Tappin’s tackle was a coincidence, and we understand that in this clash game,” Stuart said.

“But when Salmon kicked Tommy[Sterling]it wasn’t on.

“I have history with her (Salmon). I know her very well.

“He was a gut dog when he was a kid and still is. He’s a gut dog person now.”

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary was asked about the tackle and Stuart’s comments during a press conference.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to see on our small screens,” says Cleary.

“I can’t imagine Geman doing that on purpose, but I honestly didn’t think so.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to reply to the comment (from Stuart).

“I know who Gemin is, he’s an asset to our club and we love him. That’s what matters to us.”

NRL Nine reporter Danny Weidler reached out to Stuart after the press conference and the coach refused to retract his comments.

Phil Gould was stunned by the broadside, revealing that Stuart’s son used to play with Salmon in Penrith’s junior system.

“When Ricky says he’s known this kid for a while, he knows,” Gould told Nine’s NRL coverage.

“Indeed, Ricky said he had no regrets and said what he said was very abnormal. I had never heard a coach say such a thing at a press conference.

“I can’t imagine having someone say something like that at a press conference.

“Ricky needs a very good reason and I don’t know how he backs it up…Jeman Salmon filed a lawsuit against him for such statements. I think it will cause

“I know his team got knocked out tonight and maybe that’s the end of their finals…but he’s an experienced campaigner and has been through it many times throughout his career. You can’t react emotionally in an environment like that. Not as if he were a newcomer.”

Gould and New South Wales coach Brad Fittler didn’t think what Salmon did was all that bad.

“It can happen to anyone at any time,” Gould said of the incident.

“It’s not uncommon. I was trying to get up and my foot got stuck between my legs and I was trying to get my foot out of there.”

“When I saw the incident, I was surprised that they stopped the game and Jeman Salmon got a penalty. I just saw someone kick it out,” added Fittler.

Corey Parker and Cooper Cronk also thought Stuart exceeded the bar.

“Ricky Stewart’s optics don’t look good,” added Corey Parker at Fox League.

“He’s in a position of power, he’s a coach. He’s clearly frustrated. His team is on life support right now regarding the season.

“Is he going to discredit the game by saying what he did? I don’t know.

“If one player says that to another player, is that okay? Then there’s a feud between the two players, and we really enjoy it.

“The fact that Ricky Stewart is the head coach of the Raiders and he says that about the players, I don’t think it’s great.

“But I’m not 100% sure if he’s hurting the reputation of the game. I’m sure a comment from Ricky Stewart will be the talk of the week.”

Parker believes Stuart could face sanctions from the NRL over the public outburst.

“An incident in which a coach chases a player or says something about a player is unthinkable in my day and age,” Parker said.

“It will be really interesting to see what happens in the next few days.

“But the optics aren’t good, especially with Ricky being the head coach.”

Cooper Kronk believes that Stuart should have left the judiciary to punish Salmon’s tackle and should not have resorted to public attacks on Salmon’s character.

“Jeman Salmon has received reports of conduct being investigated by law enforcement, and the game will monitor that,” Kronk said.

“In my opinion on Ricky Stewart, I don’t think a coach should publicly criticize someone or suggest a few things personally about an opposing player. not.

“The Salmon case will go to court, and I think it looks bad in the Ricky case.”

Later, when they had time to figure out what had happened, Cronk and Parker criticized Stuart’s actions much more scathingly.

“Yeah, Salmon did something wrong on the field. It will be investigated and we’ll have the judiciary deal with it,” Kronk said when asked if Ricky went too far.

“But I don’t like opposition coaches publicly and personally attacking opposition players. I just don’t like the look of it.

“The other part of this is that Ricky is one of the best players in our game and I don’t know what that history is. Played over 40 games.

“The balance of power is a little off.

“But I don’t like it when opposition coaches publicly and personally criticize other players.”

“Ricky Stewart has been coaching the game for 20 years and it’s an absolutely disgraceful comment from Ricky Stewart,” Parker said.

“Publicly insulting a player regardless of on-field conditions. It will be dealt with.

“He has the kind of power that Ricky has in the role of head coach.

“The words he used about salmon are completely off the mark.”

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first published as Phil Gould, Corey Parker and Cooper Kronk Condemn Ricky Stewart’s Attack on Jayman Salmon

Ricky Stewart’s Stunning Spray On Panthers Star Jeman Salmon | NRL News

Source link Ricky Stewart’s Stunning Spray On Panthers Star Jeman Salmon | NRL News

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