Rohingya escape from gang war in refugee camps

Cox’s Bazar: Thousands of Rohingya have recently been forced to flee after a gang war broke out in the world’s largest refugee camp in southern Bangladesh, killing at least eight people and terrorizing residents with sporadic shooting, arson and kidnapping. It has been.

Authorities arrested 12 people and sent hundreds of armed troops and police officers along the coast of Cox’s Bazar in an attempt to contain a clash between rival gangs fighting to control cross-border methamphetamine trade. We sent them to more than 1 million camps near the town.

Rohingya refugees in the Kutu Palong refugee camp in Bangladesh. The camp in the Cox’s Bazar district was first built over 20 years ago by a wave of former small refugees and exploded in scale after Myanmar troops launched an attack on the Rohingya community in

Refugees who are already traumatized by their escape from ethnic cleansing in neighboring Myanmar in 2017 have been evacuated again and are living in horror. It also raised concerns that efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 in filthy camps could be hampered.

The two mothers, Rahima Begum, said they were forced to flee with hundreds of others from the Kutupalong section of the camp, where violence is concentrated. “I heard gunshots every night. It was hell for us at night. I saw people running with long knives and long sticks,” she said.

Rohingya escape from gang war in refugee camps

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