Rudd takes time to rule Murdoch

Kevin Rudd’s petition for the Royal Commission on Australia’s Murdoch media concentration and its impact on democracy captured public sentiment. Managing Editor Michel Pini and Founder and Director David Donovan are discussing this development.

Well, we’ve been saying that for years, but the Australian media has a really big problem. And now, the petition prepared by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd not only agrees with this undemocratic situation, but also shows that many people are fed up with it.

Kevin Rudd’s petition demanding the Royal Commission for the Australian Murdoch media squeeze and lack of media diversity was posted on Friday (October 9), and so many Australians rushed to sign it. , The Congressional website crashed over the weekend.

At the time of publication, the website crashed, but 241,124 petition signatures were already registered.

The problem, of course, is that Murdoch runs a daily version of Orwell’s “Newspeak” by dominating all media platforms.

Now this is where his media company excuses both state and federal liberal national party corruption and mercilessly accuses the Victorian Prime Minister of imaginary incompetence.

Reason for petition

In the explanation video Rudd, posted on Twitter, explained that the petition was calling on the Australian Parliament.

“… Establish a Royal Commission, especially for the abuse of media monopoly by Murdoch Media, and make recommendations to maximize ownership of media diversity for the future lifeline of our democratic system …”

“Because,” Rudd said.

“… The truth is that Murdoch got cancer. It’s an arrogant cancer for our democracy.”

There are no arguments here.

Rupert Murdoch’s media holdings span three continents, but his empire accounts for 70% of print media, and even radio through digital, pay-TV and even his son Lachlan’s Nova Entertainment platform. Only in Australia.

In a lucky country, Rupert and his minions reshape the story with a relentless far-right monotony, drown climate science, shatter progress, and trample compassion.

Rudd’s petition refers to this “Intentionally polarized and politically manipulated news”Where is this unquestionable power that we consume daily and often subliminally?

‘… Used routinely to attack business and political enemies by fusing editorial and news coverage. Australians, who have the opposite view, feel threatened by silence.

Concentration of Media Ownership: Democracy Crisis

Murdoch reasoning

Former media mogul and distant cousin of Rupert Murdoch, Ranald MacDonald told meA A major British newspaper recently asked him to incorporate a compliment into Murdoch’s draft obituary.

McDonald’s provided:

“‘Rupert Murdoch made a lot of money.'”
“That’s it?” They asked — “yes,” I said. “I think it embraces it.”

Want to buy Murdoch paper or subscribe to Foxtel? Never be afraid! Sky News is constantly streamed in airport lounges, train stations, and all MP offices.

Similarly, Murdoch’s blatantly right-wing commentator bands have been given ABC and other non-Murdock radio and television network platforms, and their often extreme views have given them mainstream credibility.

And if you somehow escape the onslaught of information above, you’re bound to innocently pick up the newspapers available for free at almost every family restaurant or popular cafe.

Murdoch’s impact on Australian politics is not new. It is in their blood and seems to be considered their innate right. This power to manipulate Australians through the information they are allowed to receive is, in fact, for three generations.

Of course, on the day Julia Gillard defeated Kevin Rudd and became prime minister since its inauguration on June 24, 2010, IA Extensive coverage of Murdoch Media’s malicious impact on Australian politics.

Those who read me according to Australian politicsA We are well aware that Murdoch’s media cartel has campaigned for successful winners in all Australian elections, with the exception of Gilard’s minority administration in 2011. Furious at the results, Murdoch and his biased media company, the Liberal Party and James Ashby, defeated house speaker Peter Slippers in a terrible honey trap that failed.You can read everything about it Ashby Gate A book by Ross Jones.

Murdoch installed Tony Abbott in 2013 and defeated him in 2015. Abbott was replaced in 2016 by Malcolm Turnbull, who helped Murdoch elect. Turnbull was inadvertently dumped by his party within a few days after Murdoch flew to Canberra in 2018 and issued an ultimatum. In support of Scott Morrison.

Murdoch’s support for Morrison in last year’s election was crucial to his unexpected victory. Especially given the level of public opposition to Morrison against the wildfire crisis and his mishandling of the overt climate denial. Of course, in this, Morrison is Murdoch’s ideological ally.A, Rupert Murdoch is an oil company.

Evidence that Murdoch influenced Australia, in fact English-speaking politics, is immeasurable and undeniable.

Kevin Rudd, I agree. The Royal Commission on the Murdoch Empire and its influence on Australian democracy are needed.

You can sign your Rad petition here.

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