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With football season over, football fans of all ages are gearing up for the Grand Finals. One of his such fans is David Akoka, a sophomore at Liberal Yabne College. He raced to his MCG in front of 90,000 people at Carlton Football Club on his August 21st. always.

The opportunity came when David’s father, Danny, attended a competition run by the Carlton Football Club.

The competition was for junior fans to run through the banner alongside Carlton players in round 23 matches.

Danny Akoka explained that when they received a call from Carlton informing them that David had won the tournament and four tickets to the game, they were very excited.

Despite the game’s outcome, Danny said: David was amazing and he loved every moment,” adding, “The hype lived up to expectations.”

“I was looking forward to running the MCG,” says 8-year-old David.

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Running with the Blues – Australian Jewish News

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