Russia, Poland and Iran each set new COVID-19 records

Mayor Sergei Sobianin said students in grades 6-11 would take online classes for two weeks starting Monday, while younger students would go to school as usual.

For the past two weeks, students have been on vacation to prevent the virus from getting infected and taking it home.

Older students, who make up two-thirds of children infected with the virus, study online at home, according to Sobianin.

“The decisions we make today are not easy, but only necessary taking into account both the epidemiological situation and the need for school children to have a quality education,” he wrote on his website. I will.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said the domestic coronavirus situation was still very tense and many did not follow all safety guidelines.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Russia has recorded 1,340,409 infections, the fourth largest number in the world after the United States, India and Brazil.

Poland strengthens training of nurses

Poland is strengthening training for nurses, and officials say it may consider establishing a military field hospital for coronavirus patients as the cases reported daily on Wednesday set a new record of 6526. Stated.

According to health officials, Poland currently has enough beds and respiratory organs to cope with a pandemic, but local shortages cannot be ruled out.

In a country of 38 million people, 141,804 cases of coronavirus have been identified and 3217 deaths have been confirmed so far, with a rapid increase in the largest cities in Warsaw and Krakow.

As of Wednesday, COVID-19 patients occupied 6084 beds and used 467 ventilators out of a total of about 1000 available, compared to 5669 and 421 the day before, respectively.

“There is no risk of shortage,” Health Department spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz told reporters.

However, some doctors warn that Poland may soon be in short supply.

Poland’s dominant nationalists are proud to act swiftly and contain the pandemic in the spring when the government begins strict regulations on social life and takes steps such as closing schools and shopping centers. I will.

However, opposition parties and some doctors have accused the Cabinet of not preparing a health care system for the second wave and the surge in COVID-19 patients.

“I don’t have good information. We are on the verge of disaster,” immunologist Pawel Grzesiowski told private radio RMF. He said Poland should do more tests, close schools and help doctors in the fight against the pandemic. Instead, he said it was trying to blame the doctor for a difficult situation.

Deputy Prime Minister Jasek Sashin said on Twitter earlier this week that some doctors have refused to join the coronavirus team.

Prime Minister Mateush Morawicki went into quarantine on Tuesday after contacting someone who tested positive for the new coronavirus, but government officials said his test was negative.

Iran’s virus deaths hit a record high

Iran set a new record for a day of new coronavirus deaths and infections, the third in a week, with 279 deaths and 4830 new cases.

Iran is suffering from the worst outbreaks in the Middle East, with more than 513,000 confirmed cases, announced by Sima Sadat Lari, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. Since the first case was announced in February, more than 29,300 deaths and 414,800 recovery have been seen. Iran has a population of over 83 million.

In recent weeks, Iran’s daily death toll has skyrocketed to record highs, and government officials continue to resist a total blockade for fear of economic craters hit hard by U.S. sanctions. Nevertheless, concerns are rising.

On Wednesday, Iran announced a ban on round-trip travel to five major cities, including the capital of Tehran and the holy city of Mashad, to prevent the spread of the virus. Kianoush Jahanpour, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, told state television that the ban on travel aims to reduce risk prior to Saturday’s religious holidays. Iran’s weekends are Thursday and Friday.

The coronavirus has spread to some of the highest levels of the Iranian government, many of whom are older men. Among the recently infected people is the head of the country’s nuclear organization, and Iran’s vice president of budget and planning was also tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday.

Reuters, Associated Press

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Russia, Poland and Iran each set new COVID-19 records

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