Russia-Ukraine War: What We Know on Day 165 of the Invasion

The UN nuclear watchdog has warned of the risk of disaster as the Zaporizhia power plant was shelled.War is entering new phase, British intelligence predicts

UN nuclear watchdog calls for immediate cessation of all military action Near Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine After being hit, one of the reactors shut down, creating a “very real risk of nuclear disaster”. International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Rafael Mariano Grossi said he was “extremely concerned” by reports of damage as President Zelensky accused Russia of using nuclear power plants “for terrorism”. ‘ said.

Russia’s war against Ukraine is about to enter a new phase, according to British intelligence. “The fiercest battle [will shift] It stretches southwest from near Zaporizhia to Kherson to a front of about 350 km parallel to the Dnieper,” said the UK Ministry of Defense.

Russia is gathering troops in southern Ukraine, but the purpose of the buildup is not yet clear, British intelligence services warned. The defense ministry said Russian forces could be preparing for a new attack or simply anticipating a counterattack from Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have targeted bridges, ammunition depots and railway networks to affect Russia’s logistical resupply capabilities in the southern regions of Ukraine, the ministry added.

A foreign-flagged vessel arrived in Ukraine on Saturday for the first time since the war began in February., load grain. Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kublakov said that the Barbados-flagged general cargo ship Fulmar S was docked in the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk, and that Ukraine had “in two weeks he was at least three to five ships a day.” We plan to reach that level,” he said. [time]”.

scary videos and pictures New atrocities by remains of Ukrainian prisoners of war Caught on a telephone pole outside the house The city of Popasna in eastern Ukraine was captured by Russian forces in May and is close to the current front line in Donbass. “Russians have no humanity. We are fighting non-humans,” said Serhiy Khaydai, the governor of Ukraine’s Luhansk region.

Head of Amnesty International’s Ukraine office quits human rights group The group came after a disagreement after accusing the Ukrainian military of endangering civilians by stationing troops in residential areas. He said he would resign in opposition, and that human rights groups had unwittingly “produced material that sounded like it supported Russia’s narrative of aggression.”

dozens of Ukrainian soldiers burned to death Inside a Russian prison suburb of Donetsk, While many others face torture under a regime of “absolute evil,” said the former prisoner, 45-year-old Ukrainian entrepreneur Anna Volosheva is working to deliver humanitarian aid to Mariupol. While I was trying to deliver it, I was arrested for “terrorism”.

A European Union plan to cut gas use and help Germany wean itself from its dependence on Russia is due to come into force early next week.said the bloc presidency. Last week, EU member states agreed to cut gas use by 15% over the winter, despite Hungary’s objections, with some exceptions.

Russian journalist reportedly arrested at border over suspicion she may be a spy, Kosovo’s interior minister said on Saturday. Xhelal Svecla named her journalist Daria Aslamova. “Many countries have proven that she was spying for Russia’s military intelligence and that she was posing as a journalist,” she said.

An official of the Russian occupation authorities in Kherson was seriously injured in an assassination attempt on Saturdaysaid a Moscow-backed local official. Vitaly Guru “is hospitalized with serious injuries from multiple gunshot wounds,” an official told the Russian state-run TASS news agency.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has removed a network of Instagram accounts run by a troll farm in St. Petersburg, Russia. 45 Facebook accounts and 1,037 Instagram accounts were removed after it was discovered that about $1,400 was spent on Facebook and Instagram advertising in rubles.

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Russia-Ukraine War: What We Know on Day 165 of the Invasion

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