Salesforce Launches First Carbon Credit Marketplace

Salesforce, a global CRM company, introduces Net Zero Marketplace, a platform that makes buying carbon credits simple and transparent, enabling organizations to accelerate positive climate impact at scale.

The global voluntary carbon market is estimated to grow to US$50 billion by 2030 as many organizations race to achieve zero net commitments. But organizations don’t always know how to build a carbon credit portfolio or where to start. Additionally, the journey to purchase carbon credits is complex and buyers want to trust that carbon credit projects will have a positive impact.

Built on Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, Net Zero Marketplace connects buyers with environment-focused entrepreneurs [ecopreneurs] Leading and promoting climate change action around the world. It offers a catalog of third-party rated carbon credits and a seamless e-commerce experience to purchase them.

The Net Zero Marketplace also has a climate action hub where everyone, businesses and individuals alike, can learn about climate issues.

Suzanne DiBianca, executive vice president and chief impact officer at Salesforce, said:

“Companies looking to achieve long-term emissions reductions can complement their efforts with quality carbon credits. We will accelerate countermeasures against fluctuations.”

Carbon credits are one of the key tools that, when properly created and used, can play a key role in an organization’s overarching climate strategy.

“The first step on the road to net zero for everyone is obviously to reduce emissions. But we know that reducing self-generated emissions is not enough,” said UN Climate Cristiana Figueres, former Executive Director of the Variation Convention, said:

Carbon credit projects undergo a series of independent verifications against global standards. After passing the verification process, the project can issue marketable carbon credits. Projects include forest conservation, tree planting, wind farms, solar cookstoves, or better farming methods.

Finding and validating the quality of carbon credits can be difficult and time-consuming.

Net Zero Marketplace eliminates uncertainty by aggregating and publishing third-party ratings of projects that are not locked behind paywalls or account registrations. help determine the appropriate carbon credits.

At launch, the Net Zero Marketplace will offer nearly 90 projects in 11 countries across Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Americas. Buyers can see project descriptions, alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and, in many cases, official third-party assessments.

New partners announced at launch include ecoplanners and companies with expertise in identifying projects with real climate benefits.

“Silvera and Salesforce share the same mission to bring transparency and trust to carbon markets and drive real climate impact. It’s a necessary tool, but to realize its full potential, it needs reliable data and investment.” can be discovered.”

“By partnering with Salesforce to build this marketplace, we are accelerating the fight against climate change and enabling all companies to take responsibility for their emissions. The value of compensating for our environmental impact. We are proud to offer high quality offsets to a client who understands,” said Renat Heuberger, CEO of South Pole.

Any organization can visit the Net Zero Marketplace to purchase carbon credits.

For organizations currently using Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce’s carbon accounting solution, credits are easily integrated into the platform and tracked against current emissions.

Buyers will also receive updates on project progress, encouraging reinvestment.

The Net Zero Marketplace will be able to purchase carbon credits in the United States starting in October 2022 and will expand to additional markets in 2023.

Salesforce Launches First Carbon Credit Marketplace

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