Sandman season 1 bonus episode

amazing news for fans of “The Sandman”: Netflix has released a surprise 1-hour bonus episode!Tom Sturridge), Lucifer (Gwendolyn Christie), and endless.Now, the 11th surprise episode expands that universe even further. Tweet On August 19, he wrote, “I wish there were more than ten Sandman episodes in season one.”

The two-part episode is entitled A Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope. intersects with Morpheus.” The story of “A Thousand Cats’ Dreams” is the only animated episode of The Sandman. Sturridge will voice the animated cat version of Dream.for the rest of the voicecast Sandra Oh, James McAvoy, David Tennant, Michael Sheen, and Gaiman himself. McAvoy voiced Dream in the audiobook version of “The Sandman,” while Tennant and Sheen starred in another Gaiman film, “Good Omens.”

Dutch animator Hisko Halsing, who directed the episode, told Netflix: Based on lifelike 3D animation of telepathic cats, paintings using classically rendered 2D animation to create a realistic, dreamy and trippy world. Created a breathtaking 3D animation. Amazing 2D animation, oil painting and styling all done at Submarine Studios in Amsterdam. ”

“Sandman” has not been updated season 2 Not yet, but hopefully this bonus episode won’t be the end of the show and will give Netflix more greenlights.

A bonus episode of The Sandman is streaming now on Netflix.

Sandman season 1 bonus episode

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