Save Yourself is an alien invasion movie like never before

It starts with the premise of seemingly simple science fiction, Save yourself There are actually many more. It’s a movie that’s not only fun and amazing, but also smart, layered, and subtle. Don’t bother with a single message. Instead, different perspectives are presented, all of which can be processed the way you choose. The story is cute and clever, but it gets better if you think about it later.

Written and directed by Alex Houston Fisher and Eleanor Wilson Save yourself Star Sny Tamani (Glow) And John Reynolds (Stranger Things) As Sue and Jack. They’re a modern, reasonably successful New York couple in their thirties, with little direction and desperately addicted to technology (honestly, who are these days?). If they get the chance to leave the city and stay in a hut away from their friends, they hang up, hang up, and just live, hoping to rediscover themselves and each other, and jump there. This is the exact moment when aliens begin to invade Earth.

Snitamani is everywhere these days. (Photo: Bleecker Street)

Fortunately, Sue and Jack are unaware because the alien invasion is happening around them-mainly off-screen. But clues begin to emerge, and eventually, leaving the phone on forces you to deal with a potential end-of-world situation that you might have easily known long ago.

of course, Save yourself If that happens, half will be uninteresting, and Sue and Jack are half excited to slowly discover that the Earth is being invaded. This, in a sense, describes the movie itself — it’s half fun. When the plot turns completely into an alien invasion, everything becomes very strange and much more interesting than before. Thankfully, it used to be much more focused on character development than boring. Learn about Sue’s family relationships, Jack’s masculine anxiety, and their communication problems. All of this adds to our understanding (and concern) of what will happen next.

Much of this is because Mani and Reynolds’ performances are so beautiful and well-founded. From the first scene — playing on a mobile phone completely silent — the audience connects instantly with them. We are aware of this strangeness. We feel their focus. Both actors bring innocence that is completely relevant to their role, making fear, anger, sensuality, and other places they want to go feel completely natural. They are glues that keep everything in the film together.

A normal 2020 couple. (Photo: Bleecker Street)

Ultimately, the balance can be slightly uneven, but it works. When Sue and Jack basically start fighting aliens (which isn’t as exciting as it sounds, but that’s it), the introspective moments of the film make subsequent actions much more influential. There are some real tensions near the end of the movie. With some real violence and difficult decisions, we’ve had a seemingly quiet time with these two, so emotions come across as intended.

All of this has pretty weird and vague endings that I didn’t like at first. Then I noticed, Save yourself It’s pretty vague in itself. On the one hand, it’s a parable about the dangers of technology. On the other hand, the technology would have saved the character a lot of trouble. The potential end of the world is arguably bad — nevertheless, the challenges faced by couples for it allow them to reach their full potential. fundamentally, Save yourself You can choose: You can choose the way you want to read and remember the movie, and no matter what you choose, it makes sense. Sure, the movie would have been more satisfying if things were put together and answered more clearly, but if you leave the edges a little blurry, the audience will make this the movie we want. It feels good.

Save yourself It is currently in theaters and will be available on demand on October 6th.

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