Secure Code Warrior Announces Coding Labs Innovations

Secure Code Warrior introduces Coding Labs. It is a mechanism that allows developers to more efficiently apply secure coding knowledge from learning, reducing code vulnerabilities.

This is the first time a coding-specific platform has enabled real-time coding in an in-browser integrated development environment (IDE).

Developers relied on virtualized setups, leading to irrelevant learning experiences. Coding Labs helps developers save time and eliminate distractions.

“We found that 40% of developers do not believe they have received sufficient hands-on training from the tools and resources they currently use. Did.”

“Coding Labs allow developers to learn in an environment that simulates how they work, giving them more confidence to write secure code. This is the future of vulnerability mitigation.”

Their learning approach helps developers’ coding skills improve their organization. Coding Labs allows developers to write code in his familiar IDE to prevent cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

“Secure Code Warrior helps keep secure coding at the forefront of developers’ minds and increases security awareness across the organization. We’ve seen sex fixes in place,” said the user, head of security at Komodo Health.

Secure Code Warrior builds a security-minded developer culture by equipping developers with the skills to code securely. The company’s flagship learning platform provides developers with relevant skill-based pathways, hands-on missions, and contextual tools to help developers learn, build, and apply skills to write secure code. Founded in 2015, Secure Code Warrior is a critical component to over 450 companies around the world, including leading financial services, retail and global technology companies.

“Every organization wants to attract top talent, and one of the ways we do this is by providing career paths and training. We show Warriors as a perk of the job and they are often excited to see this kind of training.It’s one of the ways we attract security-conscious talent,” said security architect at Federal Railways. A user says.

“The focus of our organization on security is very important, and making developers understand the security mindset from a coding, building, and testing perspective is key to my department’s plan. I think people were excited about the event and I think the Secure Code Warrior platform has a lot to do with it,” says Finra’s lead tester, User.

When developers understand how attackers get into their code, organizations can stop vulnerabilities before they occur, reducing risk, cost, and time to market. The SCW coding simulation teaches developers how to overcome challenges by completing highly relevant missions based on real-world scenarios and develop a security-first mindset that helps prevent security issues in the first place. teaches you to attach

Secure Code Warrior Announces Coding Labs Innovations

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