Selena Gomez celebrates ‘real stomach’ in TikTok video

Only “real stomach” in the building.

Selena Gomez I took it to TikTok Today, while vacationing in Italy, we can say that ‘real bellies’ are back in style.

In the video, which has already racked up over 4.6 million views, the star in a bathing suit dubbed “inhale” while lounging on a yacht. of new york post report.

The 30-year-old founder of Rare Beauty lip-synced back:

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While shooting the video, she held her hand over a La’Mariette tie-dyed bathing suit.One piece is part of the swimsuit collection she designed in 2021 With her friend and former assistant Teresa Mingus.

Fans immediately applauded Only Murders in Buildings The star who spread body-positive messages to her 42 million people tick tock follower.

“You make me feel comfortable in my own skin,” commented one fan.

“You are probably the best role model, Illy Serena.”

On the other hand, another user said, “BODY POSITIVITY! Very refreshing!

After being away from the internet for four years, Gomez is using social media to spread awareness about topics like mental health and body image.

Back in April, the former Disney Channel star called a body shamer On the app, she says being “skinny” isn’t worth missing out on her favorite food. [her weight] for now”.

She went on to say, “B**ch, I’m perfect just the way I am.”

However, despite being open-minded about some subjects, she considers others to be off-limits, including her dating life.

Just last month, her Nana almost revealed the following details Recent love affairs of singers In yet another TikTok video.

While filming a makeup tutorial, her grandma asked her off-camera. Her shocked Gomez froze before responding.

Since splitting from Justin Bieber in 2018, she has kept quiet about her relationship.

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first published as Selena Gomez praises TikTok video for showing ‘real belly’

Selena Gomez celebrates ‘real stomach’ in TikTok video

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