Self-regulation in the EV industry will not solve pollution

FCAI to set emissions standards?It’s like a fox setting the standards for buildings
chicken coop. Dave Horsfall north gosford

Put valuable Barangaroo foreshore land in public hands

Apparently the NSW Planning Minister, rather than the Independent Planning Commission, has the power to approve the development of the remainder of the Barangaroo mega-project.Barangaroo’s phone is on the minister‘, August 8) after a brief and poorly publicized public consultation period.

This state government plan resulted in fewer trees, fewer valuable assets that are part of the heritage, more housing, and consequently more people, more cars, and more high-rise apartments with long shadows. .

Ferries that are unsafe and do not fit under bridges, trains that contain asbestos, new apartments that need to be demolished or repaired, flammable cladding on buildings, koalas, platypuses, endangered birds, more coal mines, more of reclaimed farmland, and even fracking.

Resident groups, the City of Sydney and other stakeholders have complained that the building will block views from Mirrors Point and Observatory department portal

Major decisions, such as the pending Barangaroo Development Proposal, will have to wait until after the 2023 elections. Penny Rosier North Epping

Ministers have to reject Amendment 9, yet another skyscraper proposal in Barangaroo. The remaining green space by the water is not only for community use, but because it is what makes Sydney Harbour so appealing and distinguishes it from other port cities where the tower blocks that rise to the water all look the same. , must be protected. Judith Campbell Drumoine

As if the hideous Crown Tower wasn’t vulgar enough, another monstrous threat threatens what should be preserved forever as a public park. Kent Mayo, Ulala

I think the National Trust NSW needs to offer its condolences. Our government has a track record of caring more about developer interests than public comfort. Beauty and tradition are worth nothing in the face of developer money. Elizabeth Durton Lane Cove West

Barangaroo’s modified plans continue this government policy of shifting public wealth and comfort into private hands. A welcome reversal would be to build, pay for and provide his 50% of the proposed development public housing. Norman Carter roseville chase

We need more green in cities, not skyscrapers. Graham Russell Clovelly

Last week I was walking around the beautiful Barangaroo foreshore with beautiful views of the historic terraces and observatory. Now I see an artist’s impression of an ugly skyscraper built to block that view. We have already witnessed the desecration of the botanical garden views that existed for a brief period before the construction of skyscrapers at the Opera Quays. catriona hellborn black heath

Say no, Minister. Jill Bonney sydney

Tracking Skate: We All Need a Life in the Park

I have lived in King’s Cross for 30 years (“Can they make it more explicit?skater boy despair”, August 8). I realized early on that I was childless — yes, a toddler in a pram. Teenagers, yes they are, but nothing in between. Then, about a year ago, city council officials dumped a large amount of dirt in Rushcutters Bay Park. Within a few days, many children on bicycles showed up, using buckets and spades to turn the mountain into a bike path. where did they come from? No doubt they were stuck in their apartment after school, glued to their screens and iPads. Of course, this venture did not last long. City council officials arrived and destroyed the children’s handicrafts, spreading dirt where needed and fenced it off. The children disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

As a retired teacher, I think I know a little bit about children. They are resourceful and resilient. They have imagination and enthusiasm. They need space and open air. Let me give you. Aren’t public parks for everyone? Hugh O’Keeffe Elizabeth Bay

Across from Rushcutters Bay Park is the generously funded private school’s extensive sports facilities and extensive grounds around the former White City Tennis Center, which is slated for redevelopment. Can the person in charge find a small pocket somewhere to hold the skater kids? Gillian Appleton Paddington

The proposed skatepark is selfish. Skateboarders can thoroughly enjoy exercises such as swimming, tennis, soccer and sailing. The Council does not have to tear up valuable heritage-listed green space. Not used by the person who requested it. Andrew Woodhouse, Pottspoint

spend money wisely

The coalition’s decline highlights the stain of perceived and actual corruption surrounding their achievements (“Good government is an ongoing process, not an end result”, August 8). But it’s more than corruption. It’s also about incompetence in providing services that are ultimately paid for by taxpayers. Arguably, the utter disdain in which politics is held is caused by this intense mixture of incompetence, slipperiness, egos, and shouting by politicians themselves and the boosters of the media. All we ask is that decisions about how our money is ultimately spent be made with fair, honest and impartial consideration for all of us. It’s not the narrow self-interest that is so often shown at Level. Bernard Steber richmond

It can be ironic that the opposition leaders in New South Wales discussed the urgent need for stronger anti-corruption legislation without mentioning Obeid, Kelly and McDonald on the recent ICAC agenda. It was a trick. Chris Minns says Polk not only needs to target stronger integrity measures against barrel rings, but his private lawmakers’ bills will influence government decisions for personal gain. Sanctions against the Minister and his MPs should be strengthened. Somewhere far away. Min, you have to deal with not only barrels, but also pots and kettles. Russ Couch, Wonona

The direction of the Perote government Stuart Ayers: Musical You can have seasons for 4 years (letter, August 8). Performed at the Bear Pit of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, it has a very long song list directed by Chris Minns. Robert Dillon, Bathurst

economical gear change

No one is up to the task of solving Australia’s “deep-rooted problems” until they step back and look at the system as a whole (“Are the media and voters up to the task?”, August 8). We have to dismantle the neoliberal economic model, but with so many interests at our disposal, it will be a huge task. Greg Baker Fitzroy Falls

our kids deserve better

Dr. Sophie Scamps’ efforts to protect children from the tactics of clever marketers will have the full support of those of us in public health (“Ban Junk Food Ads To Children: MP”, August 8). Junk food and junk drinks account for over 40% of a child’s energy intake. This is well above any reasonable intake and has a proven risk of current and future health problems.

Advertisers seem to think kids are fair game. it’s not. Governments also need to recognize that the current system of self-regulation of food advertising on television and social media is useless. There is no watchdog to guarantee it works, and complaints about obvious violations are mostly ignored. State governments should also ban the advertising of junk food on public transportation and government property.
rosemary stanton Kangaroo Valley


Kelly Sackville leading by example. Go to your local library where it costs nothing to accept or throw away books (“Difficult to turn pages when the book is closed”, August 8).gave up self-doubt about
“Expert” Criticism. My friend’s recommendation is far more valuable and leads to great cafe and coffee conversations. Heather Lindsay Wonona

Isobel Bennett (right) and colleagues examining gooseneck barnacles covering a log in Gerroa, 1930-52.

Isobel Bennett (right) and colleagues examining gooseneck barnacles covering a log in Gerroa, Collections, Chau Chuck Wing Museum.

Hermit in the spotlight

I’m no scholar, but your article brought back memories of two wonderful women (“Pioneering female scientist helps unlock coastal secrets”, August 8). Australian coast is my bible, and frequent visits to the Australian Museum for specimen identification have allowed me to be in regular contact with Elizabeth Pope. She encouraged me to continue her interest in marine animals and through her she also met Isobel Bennett. When Bennett made her 1987 revision, Australian coastI was delighted when she asked permission to use my blue hermit crab photo in a publication. Anthony Healy willoughby east

cat love

The Moggy Ethicists of the World (MEOW) are gurgling that your article should be re-furred into a cat with red, green and yellow areas, as if it were some form of traffic control device. increase (“Hate us for both of us: cats”, August 8). But if there is no consent law that protects cats from unwanted tactile attention from devoted cat servants (sometimes laughably called “cat owners”), then your article is a feline right. We have formed a useful service that helps reduce the human understanding of Doug Walker Boucham Hills

about borrowed time

I wish you were my bank manager in the 1970s, Ian Old (letter, August 8). You could have saved yourself a sizable kickback that you had to pay a dodgy attorney for a “referral” to a lender willing to give a female borrower a chance. Randy Svendsen, Wyong

In 1977 my sister was making 25 percent more than I was making as a new partner in a Sydney law firm. Yes, the bank declined her loan. Her house was purchased in my name with her father’s retirement money as a security deposit. 45 years later she still lives there. William Lloyd, Dennistone

finder seeker

In 1964, when I was seven years old, I remember my parents preparing to emigrate from England to Australia (letter, August 8). Friends regularly entertained them with seeker songs. They were, for many, the ‘promised land’ and a symbol of escape from the darkness of class-divided Britain. I think they will redo it all. Gillian Willie Okafor, Sussex Inlet

pocket watch

The disappearance of ties for men is welcome news, but the resurgence of pockets in womenswear has also been delayed. We need them as much as they do (letterAugust 8). Suzanne Wicks, Potts Point

digital view

Online comments from one of the stories that garnered the most reader feedback yesterday
GP-turned-MP lawmaker calls for action against junk food ads
from Mark Pilkington: ″⁣Fast food and obesity are linked to tobacco and lung cancer. Increased calories from foods such as KFC and Maccas are directly correlated with body weight in children and adults. Their food funds hospitals should be subject to a health tax in order to

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Self-regulation in the EV industry will not solve pollution

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