Serious Concern of Radiological Disaster Due to ‘Nuclear Terrorism’ at Zaporizhia Plant

“Ukrainian officials still do not have access to these facilities, leaving people without shelter and in danger in the event of renewed shelling,” it said.

Russian attack

Russian forces launched attacks on two major cities in the eastern Donetsk region on Saturday (Ukrainian time) and continued with rocket and artillery attacks on other Ukrainian cities, including those close to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, Ukraine said. military and local authorities said.

Both the cities of Bakhmut and Avdiivka are seen as prime targets for the ongoing Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine, and analysts say that for Moscow to move forward with its regional hubs of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, Russia will need Bakhmut. says it needs to take

“In the Donetsk direction, the enemy is conducting offensive operations, concentrating its main forces in the direction of Bakhmut and Avdiuk. Using ground attack and army aviation,” the Ukrainian General Staff said on Facebook.

The last Russian offensive against Sloviansk was July 30, but Ukrainian forces are strengthening their positions around the city in preparation for renewed fighting.

“I don’t think it will calm down for a while. Eventually, there will be an attack,” said Colonel Yury Beleza, head of the Volunteer National Guard.

Donetsk Governor Pablo Kirilenko wrote in Telegram on Saturday that five civilians were killed and 14 wounded in the Donetsk region in Russian shelling.

The governor of the eastern Dnipropetrovsk region said three civilians were injured after a Russian rocket hit a residential area in Nikopol, a city across the Dnieper from the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant has been under Russian control since it was seized by Moscow forces early in the war.

“After midnight, Russian forces attacked the Nikopol area. [Soviet-era] Grad rockets, and the crivily area from barrel guns, ”Valentin Reznichenko wrote in Telegram.

Another Russian missile strike overnight damaged unspecified infrastructure in the provincial capital of Zaporizhia. On Thursday, Russia fired her 60 rockets at Nikopol, damaging 50 homes in the city of 107,000 people and depriving residents of electricity.

foreign ship


Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kublakov said the first foreign-flagged vessel to arrive in Ukraine on Saturday to load grain since the civil war began in February.

Ukraine has begun resuming grain exports in an effort overseen by the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul, where officials from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations work.

Kubrakov said the Barbados-flagged general cargo ship Fulmar S was in the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk.

“We are doing everything possible to allow the port to accept and handle more vessels. I plan to,” he wrote on Facebook.

Ukraine is aiming to eventually ship 3 million tonnes per month from Black Sea ports, he said.

About 20 million tonnes of grain from last year’s crop still remain in the country.

Reuters, AP

Serious Concern of Radiological Disaster Due to ‘Nuclear Terrorism’ at Zaporizhia Plant

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