Seven Ebola cases confirmed in Uganda

Uganda has confirmed seven Ebola cases, including a man who died this week, and seven other deaths are being investigated as suspected cases of strains for which authorities don’t yet have a vaccine, it said. officials said.

A 24-year-old man who died had a high fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and was vomiting blood.

After being initially treated for malaria, he was diagnosed with the Sudanese strain of Ebola virus.

“As of today, there are seven confirmed cases, one of whom has been confirmed dead,” said Kyobe Henry Bosa, Ebola case commander for the Uganda Ministry of Health.

“But there are also possible cases of seven people dying before the outbreak was confirmed.”

Bbosa said their investigation had not yet traced the first case or “zero patients”, but the outbreak began around early September when “people started dying” in a small village in central Uganda’s Mubende district. Said it seemed

Uganda last reported an outbreak of Ebola-Sudan strains in 2012.

The strain is less contagious than Ebola Zaire, Patrick Otim, health emergency officer at the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa, said at a briefing, adding that previous outbreaks had lower fatality rates.

But Otim said the Sudanese strain posed a greater threat because the world does not yet have a vaccine like the Zaire strain.

“It is therefore very important at this time to treat this outbreak as a serious one, as there may be no benefit gained in terms of advances in medical measures,” he said.

Mubende begins in the capital, Kampala, and is on a highway connecting Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which means there is a threat of cross-border transmission, Otim said.

In 2019, Uganda experienced an epidemic of Ebola Zaire.

The virus was imported from the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, which was battling a large epidemic in the northeast.

In August, a new case of Ebola virus was confirmed in the city of Beni, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Seven Ebola cases confirmed in Uganda

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