Sheperton’s wrath after a man’s “ignorance” brought the virus to the town

Authorities released a list of high-risk locations on Tuesday night, saying they expect more cases to be found. This issue may be referred to the Department of Health and Human Services and sent to the police.

There was a long line on Wednesday at three Sheparton test sites. Police reportedly told people behind the line to go home or wait six hours. At 2:30 pm, residents were informed that the Goulburn Valley Health site had reached capacity.

Lemon Tree Cafe owner Leanne Stride said he was “shocked and burned down” after the cafe was identified as a high-risk location after the outbreak.

Stride said the patrons were great and supportive, but worried that the outbreak could surprise others.

“Things are going well here, but now we are angry because the town is not responsible. [the outbreak]”Stride said.

“The ignorance of this man coming to the area is now affecting the lives of businesses and people.”

John Anderson, a pharmacist and chairman of the Sheparton Chamber of Commerce, said people were frustrated and angry.

“Our citizens here and our business here are in compliance with our requirements,” he said.

Anderson said the outbreak was in addition to the existing frustration with the COVID-19 restriction. This will continue to grow if the outbreak jeopardizes the potential for relaxation of city rules along with other areas.

The pharmacist said Sheperton’s testing clinic was “absolutely overwhelmed” at noon.

“They are in the sun and in line from 9am this morning, so they are watering people.”

Azem Elmaz, owner of Lutfiye Shish Kebab, said the streets of Sheparton have been unusually empty since its announcement.


“The town has become very quiet and very quiet,” Elmaz said. “That’s really good in a way. People should stay home and they have to be careful about what they do.”

He said he saw him lining up for testing at the Sheparton Showground.

“I thought it was a shep show today. It’s good that people want to take a test and make sure everything is okay.”

Elmas said he would be okay if the city didn’t continue to relax, but was worried about other more vulnerable business owners.

“I’m fine, but I’m sorry for people starting a new business or a new family,” he said. “People have loans for their business and their homes. This will be a big blow to them.”

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Place of originSheperton’s wrath after a man’s “ignorance” brought the virus to the town

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