Shovel’s take on the FBI raid into Donald Trump’s home

We’re certainly not fans of Donald Trump — let’s make that clear from the start. But yesterday’s FBI raid on the former president’s home sets a dangerous precedent.

tax evasion, undermining elections, sexually assaulting women, manipulating property values, using the country’s resources to enrich oneself, or encouraging and facilitating the overthrow of democratically elected governments; Precedents implying are subject to investigation. .

Is that the world we want to live in?When a person accused of rioting may be questioned by law enforcement officials

It is a slippery slope. Before we know it, ordinary citizens accused of deceiving governments, concealing evidence, manipulating financial documents, falsifying witnesses, and perverting the course of justice will also be held accountable. Become.

In other words, if we don’t just shrug our shoulders and question the FBI’s actions, the old Joe citizens suspected of ripping classified government documents to shreds and flushing them down the toilet will have no choice but to answer right away. will be gone. To law enforcement and their plumbers.

If we don’t ask the hard questions about the FBI’s potential motives right now, any of us who bury an ex-wife in a small grave beside a golf course to get tax benefits will soon be treated with suspicion.

As Trump supporters made it clear yesterday, if this can happen to the president, it can happen to anyone who commits mutiny, assault, or fraud.

We are breaking new ground here. This is the first time a former president’s home has been raided, as Donald Trump himself has made clear. It proves, if necessary, that the FBI shamefully only targets people they believe have committed crimes.

As made clear earlier, we are certainly not Trump supporters. But in today’s partisan world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of rooting for the FBI’s actions without stepping back and looking at the big picture. The door is opened for all of them to go to jail. is that what we want?

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Shovel’s take on the FBI raid into Donald Trump’s home

Source link Shovel’s take on the FBI raid into Donald Trump’s home

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