Six missions to save cats … not as easy as it looks

Alan Makerigott heard a cry for help from a box of charity clothing.

An associate professor at the University of Roehampton in London was taking off his second-hand clothes when he heard the meow.

Then another. And one more.

Eventually, there were three police officers, two firefighters, and two community police officers to help rescue the stranded kitten.

It was thought that the second cat could also be trapped in the container.

“One of the police officers suggested that I drop some food there in case the cat was there for a few days. I left my car nearby and bought wet cat food, so I went to Sainsbury’s.” Professor Makerigot said.

“The fire brigade eventually appeared and used heavy tools to open the fire brigade. Once opened, there was no sign of a cat, so the firefighters looked around, moved their clothes, and picked up a toy cat. “He said.

The rescue operation was for a battery-powered Fur Real Friends cat.

“It worked with touch, so after dropping the old shoes, it worked and started making noise,” he said.

Professor Makerigott said firefighters and police officers laughed and kept toys made of “very compelling meow.”

“Two community officers, three police officers, and two firefighters started laughing,” he said.

“I blushed and apologized. After that, we all left as soon as possible.”

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