Sky News host grills Victorian premier Daniel Andrews again

Tony Abbott’s former Chief of Staff Peta Credorin and Daniel Andrews participated in the second battle during another tense exchange at the Victorian premiere’s daily coronavirus press conference.

A few days after liberal insider and Sky News host Credorin grilled the premiere on a phone record that wasn’t published in the hotel’s quarantine investigation, she told Andrews after the bomb record prompted Victoria’s chief civil servant Chris. Further pressure was applied. Eccles resigns on Monday morning.

The phone record shows a mysterious 6-minute time frame that the investigative committee of the hotel’s quarantine program learned over the weekend that former Victorian police chief Graham Ashton was guarding arrivals abroad. Was requested to resolve.

Mr. Eccles resigned knowing that he was the one who called Mr. Ashton at 1:17 pm on March 27, after previously informing him that he could not remember when he called Mr. Ashton.

During the eight- or nine-minute exchange, Credorin asked Andrews about the evidence of Mr. Eccles and Mr. Ashton, asking why the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff did not provide evidence or statements to the investigation.

“When you were in the Cabinet and the secretary departed at noon, your Chief of Staff discussed with someone about private security before the Cabinet’s decision was publicly known.” Credorin said Andrews. Asked.

The premiere replied, “I’m not sure” what she wants.

“You just told me she didn’t know until the meeting broke down,” he replied.

“No, I haven’t given it to you,” Credorin said.

“You gave it to me,” Andrews counterattacked.

Credorin went on to say that Mr. Eccles had told him about the decision by the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff to establish a quarantine for the hotel, which he said in evidence when he left the room at noon.

“I’m not sure yet,” Andrews said.

“Long remarks are free, but if you have any questions, please ask me. I want to be as accurate as possible.

“I need to know what I’m looking for, and I’ll be happy to answer you.”

At the end of the fierce exchange, there was a long pause until journalists asked the premiere about another topic.

However, Credorin returned to the second half of the more than an hour briefing, asking Andrews for an answer on the hotel’s quarantine, and spoke to Eccles before leaving the National Cabinet at noon.

“I can assure you that I didn’t advise him or talk to him about doing something deeply operational. Such a conversation has never happened and suggests it. There was no evidence to do that, “says Andrews.

Sky News host grills Victorian premier Daniel Andrews again

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