Some elective procedures delayed amid supply shortage

Queensland Health has announced that it will reschedule some non-urgent elective procedures due to a critical global shortage of contrast solutions needed for a variety of medical images.

“The iodinated solutions are used in computed tomography (CT) scans and other imaging such as angiography, which supports diagnosis and ongoing treatment for a variety of conditions, including narrowed or blocked arteries,” Queensland Health said in a statement.

“The disruption is due to supply chain problems related to COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai, where the supplier’s production facility is located.

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Services Executive Director Kirstine Sketcher-Baker said the supply of Omnipaque (iohexol) and Visipaque (iodixanol) products is not expected to be resolved until the end of June.

“However, it may take longer than this given the volatility of COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai,” she said.

“Together with the federal government, we are also exploring other sourcing options and strategies to retain stocks and seek other alternatives until this issue is resolved.”

Sketcher-Baker said the Department of Public Health is working with its hospitals to determine what impact the shortage will have on clinical services.

“For the moment, we will have to re-plan some non-urgent elective procedures that require medical imaging until we can replenish supplies,” she said.

“This is unfortunate, but unavoidable, because this product is essential for a number of procedures.

“We hope to resolve this issue quickly with the supplier.”

Affected patients will be contacted by their treating hospitals to reschedule their procedures.

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Some elective procedures delayed amid supply shortage

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