Sometimes it’s better to be honest with a child

“Everyone is trying to be a victim,” he said. “If everyone claims to be a victim, no one will listen to the real victims. Even I was slapped by Smith…I went to work the next day and had a baby.

In other words, locks are elastic. he got back on his feet. After the humiliation, poor me not playing cards. According to Jillian Bridge, a therapist and addiction expert, it’s what we all need, especially children. sweet distress We examine how our love of emotions is fueling our current mental health crisis.


Bridge is fascinated and horrified by our “emotional fixation” and the “me, me, me” culture fostered by social media.She said she saw our self-esteem balloon, our ability to deal with discomfort, plummet when we devoured “empty calories” with some emotions. The Duchess of Sussex claims she grew up as an only child because she ‘felt like an only child’ A classic example of how feelings take precedence over facts.

Recently, the BBC aired a segment for a British audience far from the war about how young people can deal with their fears about Ukraine. Her 4-year-old in California is taught “emotional literacy,” a repeated measure of her happiness.

The school gives out endless participation prizes and every child must pass the parcel to win the prize. Nice, but useful? Has this world of emotions, importance and complacency made our children stronger?


In 2018, 1 in 10 Australians aged 15-18 were prescribed an antidepressant. Children’s mental health care costs $234 million a year in Australia. In May, the head of a national mental health charity said mothers trying to help children with complex mental illnesses were “near the breaking point.”

Antidepressants are very effective, but they cannot give children a concrete idea of ​​what they are feeling in a certain way. Embracing optimism, refusing to be a victim, and telling the truth if your child isn’t the best soccer player is also possible.

Sometimes it’s better to be honest with a child

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