Somiurek threatens Labor Party COVID-19 law with MP and votes for 5km rule

One day in a pandemic-controlled state legislature, Labor is confident that it will use a majority of its huge House of Representatives to fend off a motion of no confidence brought by Liberal leader Michael O’Brien. It looked like.

O’Brien spent an hour in the dispatch box detailing the COVID-19 pandemic against Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, his colleagues and former colleagues, the second wave, curfew, contact tracing issues, and hotel quarantine response. explained. A big mistake.

Tuesday’s motion failed on the Labor Party’s 55-33 majority floor of the Legislative Assembly, but to Andrews, who lost both Eccles and Jenny Mikakos as a result of a hotel quarantine investigation. Pressure is rising.

However, a Liberal Party leader, who is allowed to vote no confidence once every four-year term, begged opponents to support his move.

“Find your voice, your conscience, your heart for Victoria,” O’Brien asked Labor lawmakers.

Treasury Secretary Tim Pallas counterattacked that the government “never succumbs to the childish disgust of the opposition,” as the Prime Minister was absent from the Chamber of Commerce.

“There are times when we need to realize that what we are facing is greater than ourselves and our own ambitions,” said Pallas.

The government was closest to a serious parliamentary retreat in the Senate as it sought to pass the COVID-19 Emergency Power Comprehensive Bill, which had already removed the controversial provisions on detention and empowered police officers.

A new amendment by Union House of Councilors leader David Davis would have forced the removal of the five-kilometer travel restriction, which is part of a series of coronavirus restrictions in force throughout Metropolitan Melbourne.

Mr Davis’s clause was endorsed by most Crossbenchers who are becoming more and more hostile to the Labor blockade law.

Michael O’Brien at Parliameet on South

But with the help of Samantha Latram of the Greens, Andy Medic of the Animal Justice Party, and Clifford Hayes of Sustainable Australia, the government is preparing to sit at another midnight on Tuesday, so with one vote It seemed that they had enough support to defeat the amendment.

However, with the extension of the COVID-19 State of Emergency last month, Ms. Ratnam’s return from parental leave was expected to be another close call for workers in the Upper House, who needed to provide a clinch vote. ..

Somiurek confirmed on Tuesday that he would abstain from omnibus voting, but warned a former Labor colleague.

“If we want to introduce more measures to reduce civil liberties, we must comply with the following criteria: Collective and transparent decision-making, evidence-based expert advice [and] “Proportional reaction,” Somiurek told his followers on Twitter.

“Otherwise, I will vote against it.

“Cabinet government[ernment] It will help you achieve this. “

Government ministers and senior bureaucrats will be called in to give further evidence to the Parliamentary Commission investigating the state’s response to the pandemic after the pandemic has been extended for three months.

Sina Watt (left) swears as a member of parliament on Tuesday.

Sina Watt (left) swears as a member of parliament on South

The Labor Party’s latest MP, Sina Watt, swore to Congress shortly after 1:30 pm and made history as ALP’s first female Aboriginal MP.

She replaced Ms. Mikakos in the Northern Metropolitan Senate following the shocking resignation of the former Minister of Health from Congress last month.

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Noel Towell is a state political editor at The Age.

Sumeyya is a political reporter for The Age.

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