Squareknot Executive Director Michael Seder and Wife Kim Sell Bellevue Hill Mansion for $ 12.8 Million

Bellevue Hill’s March Street 17 has always been popular for its spectacular features, beautiful pools and tennis courts.

The Hollywood-style mansion, owned by venture capitalist Square Knot Secretary-General Michael Seder and his wife Kim, sold for $ 12.8 million in two weeks, surpassing the price guide by $ 1.8 million.

Bellevue Hill emerged as the Wentworth Courier House of the Week, as predicted when there was a four-bedroom, four-furo house with a double garage at 17 March Street, and the wealthy people in Sydney were in the 1920s. I fell in love with my house.

It’s a little small, but it’s a bit like the Beverly Hillbilly Mansion. Or one of the 1950s movies … it’s not hard to imagine Rock Hudson and Doris Day canoeing by the pool. And the tennis court reminds us of the now popular Netflix series of Nathraced’s Lucia State Hospital.

Just after the luxury refurbishment was completed, Ray White Double Bay’s Ashley Beerman and Elliott Plax said stylish interiors, lawn tennis courts and pools were an immediate hit for today’s buyers.

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The house is impressive from every angle.

It was refurbished just before it hit the market.

It wasn’t supposed to be under his hammer until October 24th, but Biaman fought several groups over it and pre-sold it to a local Chinese family at a special price late last night.

Built in one of the highest places in the suburbs, Biaman said the property was unique because the tennis courts, pool and outdoor area were all on one level and the connections were good. I did.

Cedars has owned it for nine years and purchased it in 2011 from Sir William Tyrie’s daughter, late engineer and businessman Robbie Fennell for $ 7.15 million.

The stairs are right next to the entrance.

Wealthy families loved level blocks.

They raised their children here, but now they are aiming for miniaturization.

Straddling a rare, horizontal, north-facing 1,086-square-meter block, the two-story dwelling is a vast, formal and informal sunlit area that flows through a timber fold into an outdoor entertainment area and pool. There is a living area.

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Thanks to its north side, both the pool and the full-size tennis court receive most of the sun of the day.

There is a Karakatta marble kitchen and an island bench with new European appliances.

The master bedroom on the second floor has a refreshing walk-in closet, ensuite and private living room.

It’s no wonder it hit the market in just two weeks.

The charming interior was full of light.

The other two bedrooms at this level offer a glimpse of the harbor.

Bierman and Placks sold John and Colleen Glajz’s home on March 14 in a fairly small (809 sqm) block for $ 9 million in March.

And a 1910 former AMP board member Patty Acopians and her husband Justin Punch’s 1,167-square-meter block five-bedroom house sold for $ 14.7 million last November.

Squareknot Executive Director Michael Seder and Wife Kim Sell Bellevue Hill Mansion for $ 12.8 Million

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