Start blue on the mask

Katoomba’s Gentil Grinter agrees with Graham Russell (C8) about Grandma’s mask. Do you dazzle us with the splendor of her tailoring? But Harrington’s Joy Cooksey thinks blue is the best choice. “Grandma’s blue mask is very suitable for one of the blue rinse sets. Usually, members are too busy to worry about fashion trends.”

Kiama’s Greg Vale stays at Rona and writes: Very religious, she called her priest from her care home saying she wanted to confess her sins. The priest replied that he was sorry but could not confess on the phone. This is the true story. “

“Gaviscon (C8) is back on the shelf!” Declares David Gordon of Cranebrook. “Aqua Girls can now dispose of things that have passed their expiration date.”

Greg Mudie of Dungog recalls: Keep a V-shaped opening all around the lid until the lid is removed, leaving a perfect star knife (C8). Very effective and dangerous. An amateur’s comparison with the efforts of Mount Coolingai’s Tom Hanson and his friends: “There is no cheap tin can star knife for us. Our star knife is one in the metalworking class at Meadow Bank Boys High School.” The teacher’s attention, which was made of 8 inch steel plate, was elsewhere. “

“If the mist Tonbay was so convenient with a star knife, why wasn’t he not the mist Tonbay?”
George Manoirovic of Mangerton.

Start blue on the mask

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