Stranger Things’ Gabriela Pizzolo Appears in PLL: Original Sin

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pretty little liars: original sin” and “stranger thingsWhile they may not immediately come to mind as two shows that have a lot in common, they actually many similar. both center A crew of close teenage friends running around a small town trying to take down a mysterious killer. Sure, the HBO Max reboot villain isn’t a monster, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less scary or deadly than the Demogorgon.

With the beloved Stranger Things character playing a key role in PLL: Original Sin, we add another similarity to the list of things the two shows share. Gabriela Pizzolo — who plays Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) tech-savvy, long-distance girlfriend Suzy in seasons 3 and 4 of her Netflix sci-fi show — is in “PLL: The Original Sin.” Actress who played Angela Waters. Much like Susie, Pizzolo’s “PLL: Original Sin” character doesn’t make many screen appearances, but Angela, by contrast, is key to all the horrifying things that unfold throughout the series.

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Pizzolo made his name in the dramatic opening scene of PLL: Original Sin (which you can see below). Her character Angela ran into the dance floor at a 1999 high school rave and screamed for her help. When she approaches her group of five girls who are supposed to be her friends, they ignore her. Finding no help anywhere, she climbs a rafter and yells, “Can you see me now?” before she jumps and plummets to her death. The engaging scene is only four minutes long for her, but sets the tone for the rest of the show. The show takes place now and features a mysterious masked killer (People who go by “A” Of course) terrorize five high school students (Imogen, Tubby, Farran, Noah and Mouse) for their mother’s sins.

You might not have realized until now that Susie and Angela were the exact same actress, but that makes sense, right? If it’s Pizzolo’s iconic scene where she helps Dustin save the daySing an exciting rendition of “The Neverending Story” Pizzolo knows how to make an impact no matter how much screen time.

Stranger Things’ Gabriela Pizzolo Appears in PLL: Original Sin

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