Summit convened to address population pressures on Queensland’s health system

Interstate migration accounted for just over half of the total, 30% was due to “natural increases” (births minus deaths), and international migration severely affected by the pandemic accounted for 12.7%. rice field.

One of the summit’s focuses is to consider ways to sustainably attract more overseas doctors, nurses and other medical professionals and increase local numbers.

Another plan already proposed by the government is to encourage already retired nurses to return to mentor roles without impacting their pensions.

When asked about plans for last weekend, D’Ath denied it was a temporary solution to staffing issues and said it was meant to increase the level of experience in the nursing sector. I was.

“These are nurses who may have retired in the last few years and maybe a little longer than that,” she said.

“We want to find the flexibility that they can come back and help our mentors, even if it’s part-time, but they’re there I know.”

In recent weeks, the government has been accused of putting pressure on the healthcare system, leading to patient harm.


At least 15 dead in southeast Queensland It has been linked to ambulance waits and an expanded hospital system since early 2021, according to documents released by the state’s opposition party after being obtained in a Right to Information request.

“Each of these Queenslanders and their families has an obligation to get an answer from the state government,” opposition leader David Crisafri said in announcing the figures.

D’Ath said all the deaths were tragic, but argued that it was “unfair” for medical workers to attribute these deaths to specific delays.

One patient spent nearly eight hours (479 minutes) in a stretcher waiting for a bed at Logan Hospital during the height of the third Omicron wave in June, according to government documents released in response to questions about the notification from opposition parties. It became clear that it was left in .

This was followed by patients who waited 476 minutes at Gold Coast University Hospital and 473 minutes at Redcliffe Hospital.

Only 35% of patients at Logan Hospital were transported from an ambulance stretcher to the emergency department within the clinically recommended 30-minute guidelines during the April-June period, compared with 55% statewide. was.

The Parašchuk government has previously built 3 new hospitals, built 7 satellite hospitals, built a new Queensland Cancer Center and implemented 11 hospital expansion projects as part of this year’s $23.6 billion healthcare budget. announced plans to

Summit convened to address population pressures on Queensland’s health system

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