Sunshine becomes a world leader in clean energy and has the potential to create 20,000 jobs

When young Queenslanders are suffering from unemployment in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, new reports from major independent agencies could sit on a jackpot where the state could create tens of thousands of new jobs. It is clear that.

A new study by the Climate Council shows that Sunshine has a “lifetime” opportunity to become a world leader in the renewable energy industry, create about 25,000 new roles and contribute $ 500 billion to the national economy. there is.

Report, Leaders and Legends: Thousands of Clean Jobs for QueenslanderOutlines how the state has unique advantages for leveraging the energy industry and export opportunities.

The council proposes investment from both the public and private sectors to unleash the benefits of the economy.

“There are many reasons to be optimistic about the future of Queensland’s economy as Queensland is being rebuilt from COVID-19,” said Amanda Mackenzie, CEO of the Climate Council. ..

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“The Queensland Government can capture this moment and create jobs that bring people back to work right away, turning Queensland into a clean industrial superpower.

“The Queenslander generation can work in these clean industries.”

A young Queenslander in a small community in the southeastern corner of the state has been disproportionately affected by unemployment during a pandemic, indicating a rare opportunity for the Industrial Revolution, McKenzie said.

She said the youth unemployment rates in July, including Townsville, Gladstone and Mackay, were 15.8, 13.7 and 10.5 percent, respectively.

Mackenzie states that these areas are ideal for capturing renewable energy due to strong wind and solar elements, while still having existing industrial infrastructure.

The Climate Council’s recent clean job plan has the potential to create up to 20,000 jobs focused on 12 policy areas.

These include large-scale renewable energy projects, ecosystem restoration, organic waste collection and treatment, expansion of electric vehicle networks, and retrofitting inefficient public buildings and homes with sustainable energy alternatives. That is included.

The Climate Council claims that the Copperstring 2.0 project, the industrial power connection between Mount Isa and Townsville, will unlock wind and solar power plants and increase demand for resources such as copper. ..

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According to the report, this will create more than 4000 direct and indirect jobs and reduce Brisbane’s electricity prices by 20%.

Mining materials used to build solar panels, wind turbines and batteries could contribute $ 500 billion to the economy, said Martin Rice, head of research at the council.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the government to invest in programs that provide Queenslander citizens with safe, skilled and long-term jobs now and in the future,” he said.

“It is mutually beneficial for the economy, for work, and for our climate.”

On Wednesday, major leaders competing for power in the next state election announced their green energy project.

In Brisbane, opposition leader Fat Frecklinton said the Liberal People’s Party will invest nearly $ 500 million in state-owned Energy Queensland to help reduce electricity costs.

“This investment will secure jobs for 163,000 manufacturing workers in Queensland and create new jobs in the future,” she said.

“Cheap electricity will become a manufacturing powerhouse in Queensland, Australia, and will secure thousands of additional jobs by increasing investment in the state.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek headed northwest earlier in the day to launch the Copperstring 2.0 project from Mount Isa.

“Our economic strategy is underpinned by traditional strengths like the resource industry,” she told reporters.

“This would mean a cheaper electricity price for the industry to establish here. We want a competitive price for the industry to come here, establish and manufacture here. is.

“If it is connected to the country’s electricity market, it will eventually push down electricity prices.”

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