Super quiz and target time, Sunday, October 11th

Sunday target time

How many words with 4 or more letters can be listed using the 9 letters in the grid? You must include the middle character, and each character can only be used once. There is at least one 9-letter word. There is no spoken or foreign language. There are no capital letters, apostrophes, or plurals ending in’s’.

Reference: Macquarie dictionary

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Today’s Target: 25 words, average; 30 words, good; over 35 words, great.

Last week’s solution: Probably alit, anil, aril, artily, aryl, bail, blade, blat, brail, hail, halt, hila, hilt, inlay, inly, LABYRINTH, lain, lair, laity, lari, lath, lattice, lathy, liar, lint, linty, lyny, lira, litany, nail, rail, rhinal, rial, riyal, tail, tali, thinly, trail, trial, tribal, trilby, trinal.

Place of originSuper quiz and target time, Sunday, October 11th

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