Sydney woman stabbed on doorstep of Dover Heights home

woman inside Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs reportedly Stabbed on her doorstep after opening the front door to a man she believed to know.

A crime scene was established on the cliffs of Dover Heights this afternoon after a 46-year-old man was treated for stabbing wounds.

A 46-year-old man, believed to be a friend of the woman’s husband, knocked on the woman’s door and then stabbed her around 3 p.m., injuring her seriously in the chest.

A woman was allegedly stabbed in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. (Nine)

Three builders who worked nearby heard the woman’s screams and rushed to the site to disarm the alleged attacker.

The knife fell and the man fled.

Neighbors witnessed the aftermath of the incident.

“My understanding was that he was familiar with her, so she opened the door,” said eyewitness Marina Bassin.

Three builders are credited with possibly saving the woman’s life.

“There were three of them. They were very brave…very brave,” Bassin said.

“She was very brave and screamed for help.”

Dover Heights property
A crime scene has been established on the cliffs of Dover Heights. (Nine)

After stabilizing the woman, paramedics took her to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

NSW paramedic Giles Buchanan said: “This was a very traumatic scene as we arrived with a serious life-threatening stab wound.

“The paramedics administered an IV to stop the bleeding, relieve pain and stabilize the patient.

“Stabbings are common in the face of incidents, and this patient suffered a very serious injury.”

The suspect was tracked to Bondi Beach and arrested this afternoon.

Sydney woman stabbed on doorstep of Dover Heights home

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