Sydney Zoo Welcomes the Birth of “Miracle” Chimpanzee Baby

Staff at Taronga Zoo in Sydney welcomed the birth of a “miracle” chimpanzee baby on Wednesday, October 7th. The zoo said the unnamed baby and his mother, 19-year-old Naomi, are fine. Birth is especially important for Naomi and the zoo. Naomi has had two stillbirths since arriving from Denmark in 2015. “It’s really a miracle to see her give birth to a healthy baby and her natural instincts begin, as she has traveled this way with Naomi in her past pregnancies,” said Katie, a senior primate zookeeper. Hooker said. “Given her history, we were naturally cautious about this pregnancy, but we worked with Naomi and a veterinarian to do an ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy was going well and to give an approximate date. I was able to make a decision, “Hooker said.Credits: Taronga Zoo Sydney via Storyful

Place of originSydney Zoo Welcomes the Birth of “Miracle” Chimpanzee Baby

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