Taking Drone Training to a Leap in Schools

Drone operations implemented CYPHER LEARNING MATRIX PROGRAM Helping schools better conduct drone training.

Specialized drone training is offered by Drone Operations in private and public schools across Australia. Civil Aviation Safety Administration (CASA) Excluded Categorieswhich includes remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs) weighing less than 2 kg.

A Gold Coast based training organization chose MATRIX LMS to create a turnkey solution due to its innovative features and seamless integration of training modules. Teachers (mentors), VET coordinators and parents can also access the portal to keep up to date on student progress. Through this partnership, the student will receive her AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) — MW Training RTO: 2510 with state-of-the-art learning materials as it uses Drone Operations resources to deliver and assess all learners. Strengthen your school.

Graham Glass, CEO and Founder of CYPHER LEARNING said:

“As Australia becomes one of the leading cradles for drone applications and development, we are thrilled to be an integral part of our journey to enhance our drone operations offerings.”

Additionally, a full implementation of MATRIX LMS will assist drone operations to meet national training standards set by CASA and the Australian Skills and Quality Agency (ASQA).

“The MATRIX LMS has a better solution than any other LMS on the market. The support we received from CYPHER LEARNING has been excellent. We found it to be the only solution that allowed teachers (mentors), students, parents, and the school’s training coordinator to all use separate logins to monitor the entire student journey. Drone Operations Managing Director and Founder Laurie Radcliffe said:

“We also needed an LMS that could meet our ASQA and TGA requirements for all learning and assessment activities. This is an invaluable tool for government audits. To advance drone (aviation) research and prepare the next generation of “drone flyers” for future careers in this highly emerging industry that is about to explode around the world. ”

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Taking Drone Training to a Leap in Schools

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