Talend Announces Support for Amazon Redshift Serverless

Talend announces support for Amazon Redshift Serverless. The company said the combination strengthens its commitment and leadership to support its business.

A new initiative is set to enable better analytics and Talend is building a foundation of sound data that businesses can access, trust, act on and achieve better work outcomes. said to help build

It also provides customers with further validation and assurance of quality integration and governance solutions with Amazon Redshift.

Rolf Heimes, Talend Global Head of Business Development, said the collaboration will enable opportunities for better, more informed business decisions.

“Our continued close collaboration with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team has enabled us to develop innovative solutions that help companies use trusted and healthy data to make critical decisions and drive desired business outcomes. We are focused on getting to market.”

Amazon Redshift Serverless is a serverless option for Amazon Redshift that simplifies running and scaling high-performance analytics workloads against petabytes of data without having to manage data warehouse infrastructure.

By supporting Amazon Redshift Serverless, Talend says it will also offer complementary capabilities such as Talend Trust ScoreTM, which automatically crawls and provides health assessments for your Amazon Redshift data.

Customers who have used this technology say it has had a positive impact on their business operations. Affinity Water, which supplies water to 3.6 million customers in the UK every day, says the technology has been a big help in managing its reports.

“With Talend and AWS Redshift, our business teams can now run reports in minutes instead of hours or days,” said David, Head of Data and Architecture at Affinity Water. Clifton said.

“Without this underlying technology, we would struggle to run our operations and meet our business commitments. There is also the risk of financial penalties from , and other areas.We are definitely achieving benefits by using AWS, and talent.”

Prezzee, an eGift card platform, has also found ways to simplify and integrate operational tracking.

Anthony Wakulicz, Head of Data at Prezzee, said:

“It now saves my team members countless hours of work and helps me scale and manage my business with confidence. With Stitch and AWS, whether it’s built in-house or not, Everyone in the company has visibility into all business processes.”

Talend also announced other Amazon Redshift collaborations. We also support native integration between Stitch and the Amazon Redshift console. It’s a user interface that simplifies management and improves insight into your Amazon Redshift clusters and workloads.

Customers can start using Talend or Talend Stitch on Amazon Redshift Serverless today.

Talend Announces Support for Amazon Redshift Serverless

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