Target time and super quiz, Wednesday, October 14th

Target time

How many words with 4 or more letters can be listed using the 9 letters in the grid? You must include the middle character, and each character can only be used once. There is at least one 9-letter word. There is no spoken or foreign language. There are no uppercase letters, apostrophes, or plurals ending in “s”.

Reference: Macquarie dictionary.

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Today’s goal: 12 words, average; 15 words, good; 17 words or more, great.

Yesterday’s goal: Arrest, Aster, Austerry, Dart, Darter, Date, Date, Datu, Beloved, Desert, Deterrent, Duet, Dust, Duster, East, Eater, Esther, Etude, Rate, Rating, Refit, Refit, Reset, rest, rest, rudest, rust, rusted, sate, satated, seat, seated, seater, date, serrate, star, stare, stared, starred, stead, steed, steer, stud, sutra, tear, teaser, teased, teaser, terra, terse, trade, trader, tread, treasure, treasure, tree, emperor.

Place of originTarget time and super quiz, Wednesday, October 14th

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