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On the topic of pumpkins (C8), Carole Baxter of Woodgate Beach (Qld) wonders if anyone is already eating grama pie. She said, “Our naan used to make delicious stuff (when we lived in the Hunter area). My sister was in NSW a while ago and bought a large gramma and bought it in Queensland. So I can’t buy it, so I gave you half.

While living in Minnesota as an exchange teacher, Austinmer’s Janice Kleenone said genetic modification had made the size and shape of Halloween pumpkins (C8) “perfect,” but “decreased the pumpkin’s flavor and nutritional value.” I was told to scoop it up and throw it away, carve it up and decorate it.”

Narayan Mukkaviri of Winston Hills frequently travels to India to visit family. He rarely runs away without scoring. The natural habitat for these things seems to be airports and I have never seen safari his suit outside an airport. ”

β€œCan someone tell me why rocket science requires the most brain thinking?” asks Jeffrey Huang of Roseville. “Is there any more time-consuming academic study than sticking gelignite into a metal tube?”

Wagga Wagga’s Nora Scott has searched the internet to no avail, wondering if anyone else remembers the Winwright windmill that generated the power. “He had one in Rennelldale, near Riverina, where I lived when I was a kid. My brother, who is 102 years old, had enough power stored to light the house, piled up on the porch. I remember the battery that was dropped.”

In addition to WOAT as a movie or television category (C8), Hurstville Grove’s William Galton notes that “streaming service subscribers could also be told that a show was a WOYTAM (waste of time and money). ‘ suggests. Mosman’s Jack Dikian says he doesn’t know “whether UR-Unrated movies haven’t been rated yet, or if film critics just haven’t.”

Port Macquarie’s Don Bain admits that he always thought the movie classification (C8) was more than weird. At the age of thirteen, the youngster actively goes through his year of ‘mature’ viewing, arriving in the world of MA15+, requiring the guidance of a kind adult. In the world of MA15+, very little is forbidden and the eyes are firmly and truly open. At 15, I still yell “Halftime!” During long kissing sequences.

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tasteless perfection

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