Teamwork comes first for women in road racing

Many strong national teams are missing at the World Road Cycling Championships, the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games.

Gelling riders who typically compete against each other in trade teams can be a difficult business.

But teamwork and confidence emerge as the big strengths of the Australian women who will take part in Sunday’s road race in Warwick, south of Birmingham.

Australia dominated the Gold Coast’s four road events and is on the way to repeating the feat after Rohan Dennis and Grace Brown won Thursday’s time trial.

The men’s road race team was hit hard when sprint ace Caleb Yuan was sidelined for shoulder surgery.

Not only do they lose their main weapon, they also kill people.

Women, by contrast, are full and energetic.

“We have a really good group. We are not only strong individually, but one of our strengths is the ability to work as a team and trust each other, which means we can communicate very well. will be,” he said. Time trial after racing on the track..

“Whatever our plans are, we know we can trust and support each other if something needs to change.

“We want someone, anyone, to be on the top step, and whoever it is, we’ll all be happy.”

Road race courses are not hard. So unless you can avoid the peloton with a timely attack, sprint him to the finish.

Australia has riders covering all bases.

Roy and Brody Chapman are strong riders who can work as domestics or take chances in small groups, but Brown is also a rider to watch because of her strength.

Georgia Baker, Alex Manley and Ruby Roseman Gannon all have sprint speed.

“It all depends on how we race, but I’m sure we have the strongest team,” Roy said.

Luke Durbridge, Miles Scottson, Luke Prapp, Dennis and Sam Fox will compete in the men’s road race. Isle of Man sprinter Mark Cavendish is a bunch he can beat if he kicks.

Teamwork comes first for women in road racing

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