Teen Shows on HBO Max | 2022

Teen dramas rarely win or are nominated for an Emmybut still HBO’s “euphoria‘ won critical acclaim (and an Emmy Award for Star Zendaya!) after just one season. A year later,”generation‘ garnered attention shortly after its first three episodes aired on HBO Max. Arguably, HBO is ushering in a new era of real-life teen programming. From within the walls of high schools in places such as Orange County and Italy, HBO’s fictional characters have inspired contemporary audiences to influence teens in ways that clearly resonate with both teen and adult audiences. explore the topic.

But make no mistake, there are plenty of fantastic high school shows for streamers, too.”pretty little liars: Original Sin” is an even cooler take on the familiar Freeform original, and “Titans” puts a young twist on the DC Universe. Second season of HBO’s ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot If you’re looking to rewatch your favorite past episodes, or if you’re interested in finding the latest shows that are as exhilarating as getting your first kiss behind the bleachers, look no further than HBO Max. These shows are so good. Please wait until I tell everyone at school.

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Teen Shows on HBO Max | 2022

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