Teen’s mother flogs pair in Gold Coast murder

That fateful night, the group was chasing Beasley and his friends out of the Surfers Paradise tram station. They caught up with Beasley’s group on Surfers Paradise Boulevard outside the Paradise Towers Apartments.

“You didn’t kill Jack that day, you killed our family,” Beasley’s mother told the court.credit:Jack Beasley Foundation

The attacker asked Beasley’s group if they wanted to “go for a walk.” One of his in Beasley’s group told the attackers to “leave alone.”

Defendant 4 pushed Beasley. Beasley flipped his cigarette at him.

A brawl ensued and Beasley grabbed Defendant 4 and fell to the ground.

Beasley’s friend was stabbed by Defendant 5 shortly thereafter.

Beasley regained his footing, but as he rose, Defendant 5 stabbed him in the middle of the chest.

Defendant 5 stabbed Beasley’s friend twice. He was lucky to survive.

In court on Friday, Jack’s mother, Belinda Beasley, read a statement to the pair.

“You didn’t kill Jack that day, you killed our family. We’re just surviving,” she said.

Defendant 4 is now 20 and was 17 when he was stabbed. He has had a long criminal record since he was 12 years old. Many of the crimes involved violence and were committed while on bail or probation.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, serious bodily harm, and unrelated crimes.

Ryan sentenced him to seven years in prison and released him on parole after serving three and a half years. He has already served his sentence and will be eligible for parole in August 2023.

“You actively participated in the fight until the end of the match, and you knew that when you went into the match. [Defendant 5] had a knife on him.i hope you carry him [Beasley’s] Your mother’s words will be with you for life,” said the judge.

Defendants 5, 15 pleaded guilty to intentional homicide and malice at the time of the stabbing. He also apologized to the Beasley family in court.

“Your companions never intended to seriously harm anyone in Jack Beasley’s group, nor did anyone wish or expect you to pull out a knife. I was looking for a fistfight to do,” Ryan said.

She sentenced him to 10 years in prison and he had to serve seven years before he was eligible for parole and had already served four and a half years.

Teen’s mother flogs pair in Gold Coast murder

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