Tesla’s FSD beta will roll out worldwide by the end of the year

At Tesla’s AI Day 2022 today, the company devoted a significant portion of its agenda to its self-driving efforts. We got some incredible technical details like lane language, occupancy network neural his planner, but what gets a lot of people excited is his Elon comment on the timing of the FSD beta rollout was.

If you’re an international customer, there’s very little in the way of the FSD Beta timeline, with Europe next and then the rest of the world loosely mentioned. Today we heard a very different story from Musk.

During the Q&A portion of the event, Musk explained that he is currently driving an alpha build of the FSD Beta where two stacks (city and highway) are combined into the long-awaited “single stack”. I understand this to mean version 11 of the FSD Beta.

Talking about future software releases, Musk explained that FSD Beta will likely be released to the world by the end of this year (for future reference, this is 2022). He provided the caveat that some countries require regulatory approval before it can be done.

There is a lot to unpack about this announcement.

First, is it technically ready for an international release?

Over the past year, the number of customers in the FSD beta program has grown from about 2,000 to over 160,000 without any major problems. Tesla plans to roll this out to anyone who wants it in the US by the end of the year (now he’s in November). .

Since it’s only available in North America and Canada, many (myself included) say we’re looking at a timeframe of 2023, possibly 2024, before we see it in countries like Australia. I was imagining it. From today onwards, Tesla seems confident that it will be able to launch betas in new countries using existing datasets.

One thing to note is the increased price of the FSD package required to enable the FSD beta. When the beta arrived in the US, it certainly saw a significant price increase along with the introduction of monthly subscription options. The beta release coincides with Tesla Insurance’s release in many markets, and there is no doubt that it will be released in more markets in late 2022 or early 2023.

In countries like Australia, that means supporting right-hand drive vehicles driving on the left side of the road. It also means that we need to accommodate peculiarities such as road rules, lanes and intersections.

There are currently tens of thousands of Teslas on the roads in Australia to help collect training data, but the beta has not been released and internal ADAS testing as we know it has been done. There is no local data on how cars turn on city streets because they do not have one. Or take a roundabout and quickly learn how transferable FSD beta training really is.

Second, Musk’s statement about the worldwide release raises questions about regulatory approval, but given that the system is a Level 3 system at best, it shouldn’t be a problem getting support here. is.

Australia currently does not have a Level 4/5 autonomous regulation. With the exception of a few tests, this is he’s due around 2026, but if the tech is ready sooner, that could be a timeline that needs to be accelerated.

We also saw a big change in the language used by Musk before and after benchmarking when the software was ready for release. To this day, I’ve seen Tesla say repeatedly that autonomous software is five to ten times safer for him than the average human being.

Today, Musk talks about readiness as it relates to its ability to save lives, and it’s clear that he believes their software is rapidly approaching the point where it can save many lives.

During the Q&A, I also learned from one of the Autonomy team that there will be a new upgrade to the “parking stack” when V11 ships. This means getting both city streets and navigating on autopilot running with the same code, but also getting summon stacks to complete slow, medium and fast driving segments of driving. could mean

In case you missed today’s AI Day 2022 event, you can watch the replay below. The FSD beta section starts around minute 58.

Tesla’s FSD beta will roll out worldwide by the end of the year

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