The Block beats My Kitchen Rules and The Masked Singer in rating battles

Three of Aussie TV’s favorite shows premiered on Sunday night, competing for the same timeslot in the all-important ratings race.

So how did Channel 7’s long-awaited return come about? my kitchen rulesWhen New megastar judge Nigella Lawson,measurement masked singer channel 10, and block Channel 9?

Overnight Ratings announced via tonight tv look block‘s 18th season blew up overnight with 867,000 Subway viewers.

masked singer came in second with a respectable 598,000 Subway viewers. my kitchen rulesgarnered 503,000 viewers.

The result is blockwill debut to 747,000 Metro viewers in 2021. His other two shows have remained largely stable from the previous season. masked singer Last year it opened to 642,000 Metro viewers, but last time MKRMore It aired in 2020 and opened to 498,000 viewers.

Filmed in Gisborne, Victoria, the home renovation show’s “Greatest Season Ever” introduced viewers to five teams vying to win auction day. After 2 days of shooting.

Their first day on set was met with skepticism from one fellow contestant โ€” outspoken mother Sarah Jane. I immediately question their inclusion.

“She’s already famous, has 600,000 followers on Instagram, and has a ton of money, so why are they here?” she fumed to the producer.

Also the first episode of Channel 10’s wacky guessing music game masked singerRyan Moloney – aka Toadie – has never been announced as Knight elsewhere. Enrolled for 27 years neighbor.

sing ed sheeran bad habitthe actor Pipes elicited shouts of joy from judges Abby Chatfield, Mel B, Dave “Hughie” Hughes, and Chrissy Swann when it came time for the big reveal.

on channel 7 my kitchen rulesAfter a two-year hiatus, the long-awaited return was widely praised by social media audiences thanks to Nigella Lawson.

The British home-cooking queen, previously announced to replace Pete Evans for the 2022 season, Appearing with French chef Manu Feilder on Sunday night, fans have already declared She ‘saves the series’.

The show will resume after that MKRMore Ratings dropped in 2019 and 2020.

network to revitalize the franchise Breaks up with former Judge Evans after much controversyand promised that the series would return to its core values โ€‹โ€‹of “real food and real people” in 2022.

It is understood that Lawson only appears for half the season. chef Judge Matt Preston joined Fieldel in the second half.

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The Block beats My Kitchen Rules and The Masked Singer in rating battles

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