The Block Episodes 27 & 28 recap: Omar and Oz reveal living room sexy plans, Tom hospitalized

It was a week of bad weather and the contestants suffered an insurmountable amount of work, which made it even worse.

Not only were they expected to renovate the sprawling living and dining areas in freezing temperatures, they also had to renovate the home for charity.

But the extra project brought Tyler, Tim, and their family a lot of comforting moments when a challenging home renovation was revealed.

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“Soulless Kitchen” — Block Team Roast

Ronnie’s return to block gets awkward

All five teams worked hard to provide these young people with special needs with a home that was built specifically for them, reflecting their interests.

Darren Palmer evaluated the team’s efforts and decided that Rachel, Ryan, Sarah-Jane and Tom did the best job. They were given $10,000 to divide among themselves.

Darren Palmer Gives Ryan and Rachel Styling Tips and Confidence

That money would come in handy, especially for Ryan and Rachel, who haven’t won anything yet and have been struggling to get their money back since they accidentally depleted their budget in the first week.

To boost their confidence, Darren stopped by and offered styling advice.

Not that they needed it. They seemed to be one of the few teams with a very clear vision of their space and a goal to actually get the job done.

Hosts Scott Kam and Sherry Kraft were equally impressed by Ryan and Rachel’s efforts, saying that a 5-meter-long, 10-seat sofa would be better for vacation than Sarah Jane and Tom’s 3-seat sofa and armchairs. pointed out to be much more practical to spend.

No pity!Sarah Jane Labels Tom

No pity!Sarah Jane calls Tom ‘Debbie Downer’

The pair were also keen on the stone fireplace and signature ceiling.

“I don’t like flooring the ceiling, but you pulled it off,” said Scott after surveying the wood-panelled ceiling.

Rachel, who had been plagued with anxiety and disappointment after a string of negative feedback from the judges in recent weeks, seemed to be in a much more positive state of mind during Hell Week.

“It was like a roller coaster, but now I’m just having fun,” said Rachel.

She had to talk to Tom, who was in a slump, and tell everyone within earshot that the work was too big to finish this week.

Far from being sympathetic, a disgusted Sarah Jane called her husband “Debbie Downer.”

“Or ‘Negative Nancy’ or ‘Sensitive Sally’ or ‘Moody Michelle,'” she added.

“I might have to play Chopper Reed, but I took my ears off, so I don’t have to listen,” she sneered.

In all fairness, it hasn’t been a great week for poor old Tom.

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‘Get f****d’: What made Rachel explode

He was trying to work on his increasingly swollen and painful finger until Foreman Keith discovered the injury and sent Tom to the hospital.

A worried Keith sends Tom to the hospital Photo: Courtesy, Channel 9

A worried Keith sends Tom to the hospital Photo: Courtesy

He didn’t tell Sarah Jane where he was going, and explains that Tom was a frequent visitor to the emergency room when she found out she didn’t turn a blind eye.

“I used to worry about it, but now I make it like a school pick-up and tell her to go home,” she laughed.

“Everyone thinks I’m a bitch. I love that guy. I cherish his fingers. I don’t want him to lose it forever.”

Tom’s finger has been “slightly sore” for a few days and an ultrasound revealed an 8mm glass shard lodged in his finger.

The doctor gave him antibiotics and told him to come back at a later date for surgery.

pain! The doctor discovers a shard of glass on Tom's finger. Photo: Attached, Channel 9

pain! The doctor discovers a shard of glass on Tom’s finger.

Despite their injuries and depressed moods, Sarah Jane and Tom have pretty healthy kittens thanks to their winning streak.

The same could not be said for Sharon and Ankur, who were in the red and $30,000. So I was looking for a place where I could cut costs.

The couple also made a wise decision to use Suncorp’s Game Changer funds to build a market garden.

Jenny and Dylan hope their buddy's fancy plasters will give them the win Photo: Courtesy of Channel 9

Jenny and Dylan hope their buddy’s fancy plasters will bring them the win

Considering they didn’t have the cash to do the landscaping beyond the Victory Tree, they’ll need all the help they can get to beautify a substantial outdoor area.

Interestingly, Jenny and Dylan haven’t tasted victory yet either, but they’ve managed to avoid falling into a financial hole just as much as Sharon and Uncle.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t hungry to win.

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American sports figure eyes 127 years old Prahran House

Desperate to come up with an eventual winning showstopper, Jenny and Dylan called in mates from the Gold Coast to create a wall of Venetian stucco.

It has become a family matter for the Gold Coast couple as well.

Jenny's family reunion hits a speed bump Photo: Courtesy of Channel 9

Jenny’s family reunion hits a speed bump

They commissioned Jenny’s architect sister to build a small house using Suncorp’s game-changer money.

The one-bedroom studio was built off-site and towed by a trailer by Dylan’s mother, with her on the shotgun.

A happy family reunion was temporarily ruined when the trailer got stuck. I was able to gain insight into the wet weather conditions I was facing.

The cold couldn’t dampen the spirits of Omar and Oz.The grand plan for their living and dining area included a small grand piano and a roaring fireplace.

Omar and Oz share their cheeky styling plans with a surprised but grateful salesman. Photo: Courtesy, Channel 9

Omar and Oz share their cheeky styling plans with a surprised but grateful salesman.Photo: Attached

“Honestly, we just want lots of places where you can have sex,” they told the heater salesman, who was a little surprised.

In that case, the other team wants Omar and Oz’s room to have decent blinds.

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The Block Episodes 27 & 28 recap: Omar and Oz reveal living room sexy plans, Tom hospitalized

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