The Chats, Hot Chip, Hollywood Undead: new album reviews

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chat, Get the F****d

(bargain bin) ****

Are The Chats the most important and authentic punk band to come out of South East Queensland since The Saints defined the genre 45 years ago? With rapid-fire delivery, they sure sound like it. Their lyrics also have a lot of local references, from cruising the Blues Highway. 6LTR GTR 30 seconds until explosion southport superman And AC/DC’s Brisbane Twist prison break of Bogo Roadand they check the names of many watering holes Got drunk in every pub in BrisbaneThere are daily conflicts late payment When ticket inspector: “I love what I do with a passion / Fine as if out of fashion.” smoke price It contains a menacing bassline and even more confrontational lyrics, such as “I had the urge to punch you in the head”.


hot chips, freak out/release

(Domino) ***1/2

For a band that doesn’t know what the word funky means, Hot Chips, their eighth studio album, certainly does it well. Since their 2019 act, they’ve endured lockdowns and losses, so while there are still enough dance floor bettors, this is a darker entry into their canon. motif.they get under Soar joyfully with an optimistic ode Eleanor“Music used to be an escape/Now there’s no escape,” laments singer Alexis Taylor on the hard-edged title track with a vocoder refrain. Not alone They’re looking at the difference between being funky and being funk. hard to be funky (with guest vocals from Lou Hayter).Joe Goddard takes the lead with Autotune miss the blissfollowed by Tears for Fears-esque chorus harmonies and Cadence Weapon guest raps. Evil that men do“I can read your zodiac sign, but I can’t read your face,” Taylor continues singing. guiltyAnd they save the best for last for building, pulsating, harmonic and self-affirming out of my depthDespite their introspective turn, Hot Chip hasn’t broken much ground, but it hasn’t stagnated either.


hollywood undead, Hotel California


You could call them the Eagles of nu metal. But Hollywood Undead borrows homonyms from country rock legends. lion eyes – and, of course, the album title – the similarities end there.An opener-like track dominated by post-apocalyptic themes chaos When are you OK Remembering Fall Out Boy world war me Record the internal battle.If Eminem was the lead singer of Rage Against the Machine, there would be a standout track dangerousIt has a dance floor vibe ruin my lifewhile punkish hourglass They exclaim, “The lost boy never dies!” For those who like a little rap with metal, Hollywood Undead continues to be a dream come true. trap god! ”

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The Chats, Hot Chip, Hollywood Undead: new album reviews

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