The city’s 5km limit can reach 20km if the model is running.

“We’re seeing everything right now. There’s a model running when we’re talking and we should be away from the computer the next day or so. It will take some time to do that,” he said. Said.

“Before the announcement on Sunday, we are considering all sorts of things in making these decisions.”

On Tuesday, Professor Sutton gave some room for it when he admitted that the five-kilometer rule could affect suburban residents disproportionately.

“I fully accept that not everyone lives in the same kind of neighborhood and not everyone has the same opportunity as people who live 5 kilometers away from the beach.” He said.

“That’s certainly something. When we created this roadmap, it was quite a few weeks ago,” said Professor Chen.

“Every time we need to reassess every plan. It’s hard to look a week or even a month ahead.”

However, he warned that the number of “mystery cases” of unknown origin (the most worrying criterion for health officials) was still too high at 15 in the two weeks leading up to October 12.

Victoria’s existing roadmap, which may be revised on Sunday, covered up to five mystery cases two weeks before freedom was granted, such as reopening outdoor dining.

“That’s the problem, and these mysterious cases are distributed through many different municipalities. [local government areas]”Professor Chen said.

If all the mystery cases were in one place, the test could be concentrated in one place, but he said, “this is not always the case.”

Professor Brett Sutton, Chief Health McManus

The 14-day average number of cases in Melbourne dropped to 8.9 on Thursday, while the average case in the Victoria region was 0.6.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said 1862 people were tested in Sheparton as authorities fought to contain an outbreak caused by a man who visited the town during the infection and lied to contact the tracer.


Andrews said the 350 results received by Thursday morning did not return positive tests and warned that hours of waiting time could be unavoidable before being tested. ..

“I think people understand that this is not like queuing something else. It must be done safely and various processes and protocols must be followed.” The premiere said.

“The last thing we want to do is that it can spread the virus as part of the testing process, so we need to be careful.”

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Place of originThe city’s 5km limit can reach 20km if the model is running.

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