The cloud is widely used, but lacks depth, Contino report reveals

According to a new report from digital transformation consultancy Contino, only 13% of companies have extensive cloud programs throughout their organization.

The state of the public cloud in the Enterprise Report 2020 findings highlights the relationship between enterprise and IT decision makers in adopting the public cloud.

The report shows that some degree of involvement with cloud solutions takes place within almost every company, with only 1% of companies not yet submerged.

However, according to the answer, 77% of companies use the public cloud with some capacity, but only 13% use full-scale programs throughout their business.

The largest set of respondents (42%) have multiple apps and projects deployed in the cloud, 24% are still working on early proof-of-concepts, and 18% are in the planning stages.

The cloud is revolutionizing the way businesses currently operate and disrupting previous business models.

According to the report, the number one benefit of adopting a public cloud is that it can tailor IT to today’s business needs.

In addition, 99% of respondents claimed that it showed significant technical benefits. The three most cited are efficiency, agility and extensibility.

However, security and compliance continue to be the biggest barriers to not adopting the cloud.

Forty-eight percent said security was the number one barrier to not using the cloud, and 37% said that maintaining compliance was the most common blocker.

Other challenges recognized as barriers include lack of skills (29%), inability to create business cases (32%), large existing investments in on-premises data centers (31%), and leadership support. There is a lack (31%) and so on. 19%).

Vendor lock-in concerns are also common, with 63% of IT professionals being “somewhat” or “extremely” afraid of the commitment to investing in the cloud.

“It’s clear from our report that public clouds are firmly established in the enterprise IT landscape, but many of them are still in transition with full-fledged cloud programs and are rare,” said Contino’s chief innovation officer. Yun Zhi Lin said. ..

“We cannot fully emphasize the importance of adopting public clouds in today’s uncertain world. In a difficult economic climate, the cloud has allowed many companies to operate in new ways to protect their prospects. Our research shows that public clouds are becoming an increasingly central element of enterprise IT.

“Corporate decision makers need to overcome fears and stumbling blocks in order to adopt cloud-native thinking. Adopting or implementing new tools is the first step towards achieving innovative results: It’s just the next optimization. For example, maximizing the potential of the cloud extends beyond technology to operations where businesses are surprised and resources are inadequate to meet expectations. “

Contino’s State of Public Cloud in Enterprise Research Report 2020 consisted of 250 IT decision makers from companies in Europe, the United States, and APAC within a company with more than 5,000 employees.

The cloud is widely used, but lacks depth, Contino report reveals

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