The current case was sued over a prison attack

So Current events Aired on August 4, 2017, a menacing chanting of “dogs, dogs, dogs” took place in Longbay Prison.

The target was Bennett Schwartz, a former Rio Tinto employee who spent three and a half years in prison on his part with a sophisticated plan to smuggle cocaine into Australia.

Schwartz was stabbed shortly after the episode aired, his selmate told the court in 2018.

The program described Schwartz as “becoming a police informant” and “successful mining executive” after being found chasing parcels in a lucrative operation.

But Schwartz says ACA I made a mistake in a serious fact. He was neither a Rio Tinto executive nor a police informant.

Now on parole, he is suing Nine on a broadcast he says has led to a brutal assault and a horrifying life behind the bar.

His attorney Marc Davis said the informant label had targeted Schwartz’s head in “the most dangerous place on earth to make such accusations.”

“Offer Current eventsFalse accusations that he was a police informant, he was beaten, threatened, lived in horror, and eventually stabbed, “Davis told NCA Newswire.

“They hurt him, all for a little light entertainment.”

Nine intends to defend the proceedings.

The events that took place in Longbay Prison were presented by Judge John Berman District Court, who ruled Schwartz in 2018.

He described Schwartz as “he” in the context of his life, including private school, college studies, good work, a loving fiancé, and a devoted mother who raised Schwartz after his father died at the age of three. There is no excuse for his actions. “

Schwartz, who slapped his wrist in a drug crime in 2013, was considered unlikely to re-offend, but he couldn’t understand how lucky he was, the judge said.

But Judge Berman also blew up ACAAccording to “dangerous and irresponsible” reports, Schwartz’s explanation of being a high-flying executive led to an attempted extortion, causing assault “either with a fist or a sandwich press.”

To make matters worse, the judge was a declaration from a “so-called expert” who said the fact that police had access to Schwartz’s encrypted Blackberry must have helped him.

Schwartz’s labeling as a prison informant is “not only wrong, but certainly dangerous,” the judge said.

Federal police seized the phone after Schwartz’s 2016 arrest and used it to stab smuggler Robert Zarapa, who went under the name “DrOctopuss88” and is currently serving nine years in prison.

According to court documents submitted by Schwartz, he was forced to give police a telephone password under federal crime law and did not provide evidence to any of his accomplices.

He sues Nine for harmful falsehoods, misleading fraud, and defamation. ACA Broadcast and promotional tweets.

According to court documents, he was stabbed, beaten, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares, panic attacks, and post-show migraine headaches.

Nine wasn’t true to say that Schwartz was an executive or informant, but was accused of knowing that he had published it anyway.

Schwartz also claimed that the network had “malicious” against him and knew that false accusations would put him at “grave risk” of injury and assault.

Although there is a one-year limit on defamation claims on the air, Schwartz argues that his imprisonment justifies the extension.

The issue is next in court on November 19th.

Place of originThe current case was sued over a prison attack

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