The European Union has banned the best Rolls-Royce has ever done

Wealth brings you a lot of freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want. (This means that for most wealthy people, they work to death to earn more wealth, which I don’t understand). However, the European Union does not even allow you to freely specify a custom Rolls-Royce. Excuse me, did you wake up in Communist China this morning? Who cares if the extra light from the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy causes unnecessary light pollution?

Yes, the awakened police infiltrated a member of the European Union. They have banned British car makers from selling illuminated women’s hood decoration options in the EU, and existing EU roll customers who have the option bring rollers to dealers to turn on her lights. You will be forced to erase it. Brexit would certainly have been unanimous if the rest of us knew about this before voting.

The new EU policy to reduce unnecessary light pollution is probably related to so-called quality of life. The entire reason for this rule was instantly destroyed, as if the Illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy did not cause an improvement in the quality of life of Rolls-Royce owners. How can living in a world without the Holy Spirit improve for everyone?

Do EU citizens think it would be of great benefit to see one of these magnificent beasts, the Spirit, built and shining and running through main streets and boulevards? Indeed, proletarians are proud to lift the dominant oligarchy. Indeed, Rolls owners were barely aware of the suspension sway caused when the filthy profile fell under the tires.

No, this is no longer a free country. The terrorist has won. The inability of us to keep illuminating the spirit is more than just a metaphor. Our spirit is literally broken.

If you have a Rolls-Royce with an illuminated spirit, the company will exchange it for a legacy spirit statuette for free and refund you £ 3,500 option (about $ 6,351). As if the cost was purely monetary. If we don’t support something, we will fall into something.

The European Union has banned the best Rolls-Royce has ever done

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