The government mistakenly leaks its own issue

The Morrison government misrepresents the quiet part very loudly when emailing journalists the points of their internal story in 10,000 words.In addition, other tips and tweets from Cricky Base pit.


See who is talking Not the first time in the Morrison administration, some poor Shumo mistakenly emailed the issue of the day to Australian journalists this morning. 10,000 word dot points to ensure that all the individual liberal parties are on the same page while creating the Simulacrum to be interviewed. (Tarekomi, if you hear the phrase “take Australians from below to Duna” used for hay fever, please let us know.)

As usual, the most interesting section is the “IF ASKED” note, which is a sign of what the government is currently concerned about. Therefore, following Senator Gerard Rennick’s claim at Sky News that the coalition does not support the federal integrity committee, even the relatively lying committee actually proposing MP is Rennick’s MP. You are instructed to say “clarified” the comment.

It was then Another issue that the MP was asked to return home was the party’s “deep concern” about “the effects of a long-term blockade on the mental health of Melbourne residents.”Indeed, they have already mined this with Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg yesterday. Tweet “Today and every day, my message to the Victorian Prime Minister should understand the significant impact of a severe blockade on the mental health of Victorian people.” Meanwhile, Deputy Immigration Minister Alan Tudge tweeted statistics on the devastating effects of the blockade on mental health.

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Place of originThe government mistakenly leaks its own issue

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