The key to security and operational collaboration for success after COVID-19

Multi-cloud, workload, and application environments are blocking the way security and operations teams need to interact.

A new level of complexity is driven by the overall lack of integration between the two, poor communication, non-standardized systems, an accelerated software development life cycle, and uncoordinated teams and processes. ..

These findings are from a new report, Accelerating Transformation with Security and Operations Collaboration Best Practices, which is an IDCInfoBrief sponsored by SolarWinds.

In addition to the above, the COVID-19 pandemic puts siled infrastructure under the microscope, increasing the need for integration between operations and security teams, including system mutual visibility. I found that there is.

In addition, organizations with regular communication teams are set up to address challenges such as multi-cloud, multi-device, and multi-network.

In addition, standardization and team collaboration are two strategies that can reduce and reduce the cost and complexity of the entire IT and security teams.

In the report, IT and security share cautious concerns such as risks and workflows that help teams coordinate, and organizations need to fine-tune “risks” and manage risks at the right level. understood.

When it comes to compliance, companies want to have the ability to “show” compliance practices as much as they want to maintain actual compliance.

When it comes to digital transformation, network architectures are becoming more and more cloud-based, and endpoint protection platforms are becoming more and more important.

The IDC interview excerpt confirms these points. For example, the vice president of corporate operations for an aerospace company explains: “Part of the security and operational process is fragmented. COVID-19 is accelerating integration and automation.”

“Successful multi-cloud requires IT and security teamwork, or it will fail,” said a digital leader at a large insurance company.

Finally, a certified information security manager at a US financial institution said, “The first thing we ask job seekers to do is understand the risks.”

Tim Brown, Vice President of Security at SolarWinds, said:

“As this study shows, the challenges these teams face are across all industries. We’re all doing more and pushing our IT infrastructure to the limit. Cyber Security cannot be considered later.

“When we work together, things go faster and more efficiently, and we just need to share many of the same priorities and simply understand that they are not as different as we really think. there is.”

The IDC / SolarWinds report, combined with relevant IDC quantitative data, is based on in-depth conversations with IT / development and security experts across multiple sectors.

Interviews were conducted with members of the IT / Development and Security Operations teams in the hospitality, finance, manufacturing, and government sectors. Data quoted from several other IDC surveys were completed independently of SolarWinds.

The key to security and operational collaboration for success after COVID-19

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