The murder accused Anas Aiman ​​Abdu Musa of granting bail

A 24-hour curfew and a $ 100,000 guarantor are part of the strict bail conditions imposed on a man accused of killing a teenager in Brisbane in a violent brawl.

Anas Ayman Abdu Musa’s family cheered outside the court when they learned that bail was granted by the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Tuesday.

Musa was accused of killing a 19-year-old teenager in Brisbane, Girum Mekonnen, during a violent brawl north of Brisbane in September.

He must wear tracking equipment and comply with strict conditions, such as agreeing to a 24-hour curfew while on bail at the next court.

Musa’s family also offers a $ 100,000 deposit for his release.

The young man faces crimes such as murder, tort, and acts aimed at causing serious physical harm over the brawl in Zillmere’s O’Callaghan Park.

Mekonnen was allegedly beaten and stabbed during a battle between a large group of about 20 people on September 13.

Musa and 12 others have been charged with murder.

Defense lawyer Angus Edwards was questioned about the identification that resulted from the prosecution’s case, arguing that Musa’s role in the alleged quarrel was unclear.

“There is no real evidence that he has violently attacked anyone,” Edwards said.

Mr Edwards said Musa had agreed to a curfew and reported to police daily that he might not consume alcohol.

Prosecutor Steve Dixon opposed bail, saying the 19-year-old boy was involved in a “planned mass attack” with “serious violence.”

He said Musa was involved in retaliation attacks knowing that people were armed, showing his willingness to participate in violence.

“This is a deliberate plan to attack a group of people. They were clearly armed with long knives or machetes and baseball bats,” he said.

Dixon said he was concerned that Musa could be involved in further violence after alleged retaliation attacks by rival gang members earlier this month.

Judge Brown granted bail, saying a 24-hour curfew could reduce potential risks.

“Because it was a public place late in the afternoon, the situation of the attacks that occurred was of particular concern,” said Judge Brown.

Musa will return to court in November.

Place of originThe murder accused Anas Aiman ​​Abdu Musa of granting bail

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