The newly named Weedfish was lured from the depths of SA

Scientists officially named this distinctive-looking marine creature the Silverspot Weedfish after discovering it lurks deep under the seabed off the coast of South Australia.

Formal name Heterocrinus argyrospyrosthe fish is one of 139 new species named and described last year by Australia’s National Science Agency and its researchers and partners.

CSIRO scientist John Pogonowski helped name four new species of marine fish.

He said the new Silverspot Weedfish has only been described from two known specimens collected from southwestern Australia in 2000 and 2005 by researchers on the former CSIRO research vessel Southern Surveyor.

“Weedfish were found 55 to 100 meters below sea level, which is interesting because they live deeper than other known members of the genus,” he said. He spoke of the natives of Western Australia.

Three other species of small, brightly colored Anthea fish were named after researchers carefully compared collected specimens to related species already held in national collections.

“New species of Antias are still recognized because they are rarely encountered because they live outside normal diving depths, because they are small in size, or because they live in habitats that are difficult to sample,” Pogonoski said. .

Other species that have acquired new names in the past year include 117 insects, 11 jumping spiders, 1 millipede, 1 earthworm, and 14 other invertebrates, including 1 marine fluke found in a fish. Includes animals.

lobelia pachytricia Another newly named creeper native to South Australia, it has pretty blue to mauve flowers with yellow specks.

CSIRO Entomologist Dr. David Yates said of the known but newly named ant: Anonychomyrma inclinata It was especially special due to its association with the endangered Broke Jewel Butterfly. Hippochrysops piceatus.

“The ecological requirements for this beautiful butterfly are so narrow that it’s probably very rare,” Yates said.

“The ant species we have just named must nest in mature bull oaks. Arokas Arena RomanyButterfly caterpillars live under the bark, are carried on soft oak leaves, and are fed at night by “babysitter” ants.

Only about 25% of Australian species are known to science. CSIRO strives to find new scientific names that will help researchers, governments and communities better understand Australia’s vast ecosystems.

newly named species

marine fish

  • Heterocrinus argyrospyros The (Silverspot Weedfish) inhabits waters of South West Australia (SA and WA) at depths of 55 to 100 m.
  • Pseudanthias paralourgus (Purple-tip Anthias) inhabits waters in southern Queensland at depths of 110-119 m.
  • Tosana Longipinis It inhabits waters from the central Queensland coast to the central New South Wales coast in depths of 62 to 252 meters.
  • Tosana damperiensis (Dampierian Threadtail Anthias) inhabits northern Western Australia in waters between 66 and 177 meters deep.


  • lobelia pachytricia It is a creeper with pretty blue to mauve flowers with yellow spots.
  • Gomphrena axillaris When G. longistilla Illustrated using specimens kept in the Australian Herbarium.



  • 39 wasps from the Americas.
  • 34 beetles, including 2 new genus weevils Undalobius It was found in a lava tube in the Undara Volcanoes National Park in northeast Queensland.
  • 16 Grasshopper
  • 13 caddis fry
  • 12 thrips
  • One ant – Anonychomyrma inclinataobligatory companion of the rare and beautiful Broke Jewel Butterfly Hippochrysops piceatus.
  • Onefly – Teratomyza ismayithe first known fern fly from New Guinea.
  • onebug – treehopper found near Canberra and named Wallaciana Namazi After Namadgi National Park.

other invertebrates

  • 11 jumping spiders
  • One millipede – the first millipede to have over 1000 legs.
  • 1 earthworm
  • 1 marine fluke – Enenterum petrae It was found inside the body of a fish called Brassy Drummer (Kyphosus vaigiensis), collected off Lizard Island, Queensland.

local news

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The newly named Weedfish was lured from the depths of SA

Source link The newly named Weedfish was lured from the depths of SA

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