The Queen’s desperate bid to broker peace between Charles and Harry before she dies

Queen Elizabeth reportedly tried to arrange terms for Prince Harry and his father to speak out during her final months after Prince Charles stopped answering calls asking for money.

Harry, 37, is said to have called his grandmother when she took a light job due to her disability, multiple sources said. Sun.

Her Majesty, who stepped back from major public duties following the death of her husband Prince Philip last year and handed over most of her duties to Prince Charles, was unable and unwilling to comply with Prince Harry’s demands. It is claimed that

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When she asked 74-year-old Charles why he accepted emails from Harry instead of calling him, Charles allegedly replied, “Because I’m not a banker.”

An insider revealed: Harry told her that Charles was no longer receiving calls.

“Charles insisted he should email his son instead. Family members, including William, had stopped talking to Harry when they learned of his book deal.

“Harry is not as rich as people believe. He wanted money. When the Queen asked Charles what he was doing about it because he was answering so many calls, he replied to her, “I am not a banker.”

Sun I understand that Prince Charles, the then Prince of Wales, asked his son to send a request via email through his personal assistant.

of Queen died in Balmoral 96 years old, September 8th.

Charles and Harry were photographed together in an official capacity for the first time in years at her funeral on Sept. 19.

Harry and Meghan became financially independent after abandoning their royal obligation to live in the United States, signing multi-million dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify.

Harry also his memoir spare It will be released on January 10th as part of a $63 million four-book deal.

He also supposedly has a job as Chief Impact Officer at Better Up, a Silicon Valley company.

of Duke first opened up about his strained relationship with his father In a March 2020 interview with Sussex’s infamous Oprah Winfrey, he claimed he was “literally cut off financially.”

This is despite Palace financial records showing that his father gave him $3.6 million in the 2020/21 fiscal year.

However, according to the latest paperwork, Charles has not paid out any money from the Duchy of Cornwall’s fund for the past year.

Now he is king and has access to huge sums of money via private estates in the Duchy of Lancaster, but William keeps the purse strings of the Duchy of Cornwall.

But Harry and Meghan have burgeoning expenses, including security guard payments, a $9.5 million mortgage payment in Montecito, and a private jet priority.

Harry claimed on US Breakfast TV in March that he regularly talks to his grandmother.

“We have a really special relationship. We talk about things she can’t talk about with anyone else,” he said.

It comes after the royal family has been shaken this week Netflix has released a 60-second trailer for the couple’s six-part documentary series called Harry & Meghan.

Insiders believe the trailer was aired on purpose Sabotage the three-day trip of the Prince and Princess of Wales Heading to Boston this week.

This story was originally Sun Reprinted with permission

first published as Inside the Queen’s desperate bid to broker peace between Charles and Harry before she dies

The Queen’s desperate bid to broker peace between Charles and Harry before she dies

Source link The Queen’s desperate bid to broker peace between Charles and Harry before she dies

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